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Funeral Cost Worksheet

Most of us are unprepared to make wise financial decisions about a funeral and burial. We have little or no experience with making funeral arrangements. The emotions surrounding the death of a loved one—or contemplating our own mortality if we’re prearranging our own funeral—may cloud our judgment. It’s never easy to make funeral and burial arrangements, but finding out about them in advance is easier than coping with them in a time of need. Call or visit at least two funeral homes and cemeteries to compare prices. Every funeral home should have separate price lists for general services, caskets, and outer burial containers. Only by using all three lists can you accurately find the total costs and be able to compare prices. Use the tab key to move your cursor though the calculator to enter the funeral services contact and fee information.

  Funeral Home 1 Funeral Home 2 Funeral Home 3
Name of Funeral Home
Funeral Director Fee
Transportation of the Body
Care of the Body
Use of Facility
Preparing Obituary Notices
Providing Music
Immediate Burial
Direct Cremation
Grave Liner or Vault
Burial Plot

Be sure you buy only what you planned to buy. Try to keep in mind that the amount you spend on a funeral and burial isn't a reflection of your feelings for the deceased.