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Suze’s state of the art online program makes it easy to create the 4 “Must Have” documents you need to protect your tomorrows today. Spend just 30 – 60 minutes answering basic questions online and the correct legal documents will be personalized and generated just for you.
If you went to an attorney to draft these documents, it would cost $2,500 on average. Now, you can do it yourself, using the documents Suze herself uses. Once your documents are drafted, simply review, print, get notarized, and breathe a sigh of relief -- because you’re protected!
• A $2,500 value
• Share with your family members at no extra cost!
• Eligible for free upgrades any time the program updates
• Suze explains everything every step of the way
• Help is available by phone, chat or email for any additional questions you may have
• Includes 75 additional important documents and 93 essential web links

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