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The Money Tools 4-Disc Financial Kit with Quick Guide and Words of Wealth Reference Cards by Suze Orman Bestselling author and leading financial expert Suze Orman helps you take control of your financial life with The Money Tools. From creating essential legal documents good in all 50 states to learning how to choose the right insurance for you and your family, and so much more, this kit comes with the tools and knowledge you need to take you closer to realizing your financial dreams.

What You Get:
• 4 CD-ROM discs
• Words of Wealth reference card
• 9 Quick Guide reference cards

There is a specialized support team available for the online products included in The Money Tools collection for those who have purchased it. Click on the link below for the product you need assistance with, and enter the password printed on its CD label.

Must Have Documents Help

Create must-have legal documents:

• Protect you and your family with these essential documents
• Do-it-yourself documents include Will, Living Revocable Trust, Advance Directive and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
• Can be updated and changed over and over again
• Good in all 50 states
• Insurance Evaluator Saver tool
• Helps you choose the right type of insurance and the right level of coverage
• Interactive program evaluates 5 different kinds of insurance: Life, Home, Auto, Long-Term Care and Disability
• Show you if your current coverage is adequate to fit your needs
• Home Inventory Tracker
• Create a detailed list of everything in your home in the event you ever need to make a claim
• The Protection 10-eBook library set
• A complete resource to answering your financial questions at your fingertips
• 10 incredible eBooks that cover the most crucial areas of your financial life
• More than 400 pages of relevant information, frequently updated to stay current with changing regulations
• Each eBook includes worksheets and checklists to ensure that you're thoroughly prepared for life's "what-ifs"
• Suze Orman's Personal Finance online course
• 7 vital lessons to easily take control of your financial life
• Suze teaches you everything you need to know to own the power to control your financial destiny
• Includes videos, online chats, a community of students and lessons as can only be taught by Suze
• The Money Tools Quick Guide and Words of Wealth reference cards
• Quick Guide cards with 9 key topics that teach what you should "Always Do" and "Never Do" when it comes to your money: - Savings and Emergency funds - Credit/Debit FICO Scores - Student Loans - Retirement - Investments - Life Insurance - Home Ownership - Cars - Estate Planning
• Use Suze's Words of Wealth as a daily reminder of how to feel, think and act with money
• These exclusive tools will prove invaluable during your journey to creating a life of true wealth

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