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Suze Orman’s FICO Kit


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Get Better Interest Rates.
Save Money. 

Here’s What You Get with FICO Kit Platinum

Get everything you need to take control of your credit and save money on the interest rates you pay. This kit provides you with three personalized FICO scores, three personalized credit reports, and so much more.

Enjoy these personalized features:

  • FICO Kit Action Planner. Based on your personal financial goals, this kit helps you create a customized step-by-step plan and eliminate the guesswork. Just follow the plan and enjoy the results.
  • The Debt Eliminator. Learn how to get out of credit card debt with your own personalized debt analysis and repayment plan. Discover if you are paying too much in interest, and follow the personalized guide to negotiate the interest rates you really deserve.
  • Day-to-Pay Bill Reminders. Paying your bills on time is easy with our new e-mail bill payment reminders.
  • Stop Creditor Harassment. Understand your rights and learn how to automatically create debt-validation letters, stop-harassment letters, or file a complaint with the FTC.
  • InfoVault. Store your important information in the online vault and access it online at anytime.
  • Online Home and Car Coaching. Save money on your home and car loans by learning the interest rates you may qualify for. This could save you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your loan.

Use the kit for up to one year from the order date. You can even let your friends use your FICO score requests or use the kit to purchase their own.

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