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The Social Security Norm That is Costing You Money

November 16, 2017
By now you know that I have long advised that it is smart for the highest wage earner in a household to wait as long as possible to begin claiming Social Security retirement benefits. If you wait all the way until age 70, your benefit will be 76% higher than what you are entitled to if you begin at age 62, which is the earliest year to claim retirement benefits.
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Email scams are rising. Do you know how to protect yourself-and your money?

November 09, 2017
I hope that after the news of the Equifax data breach, you’re being extra smart about taking steps to monitor your credit reports. You can always get one free credit report a year from each of the three credit bureaus at
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Retirement steps you must take in November

November 02, 2017
November is typically the month when you are able to review and change your work benefits for the year ahead. Now I know what you’re going to do. Nothing, right? Most people ignore all the emails about “open enrollment” and don’t review their coverage, or make any changes.
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What Parents Get So Wrong About College

October 26, 2017
Parents, way too many of you are still getting it all wrong when it comes to college. A recent survey by T. Rowe Price reports that 68% of parents think saving for their kids’ college is a more important priority than saving for their own retirement.
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Beware of HARP Scam With My Image

October 24, 2017
If you see an advertisement or receive an E-mail that has my picture on it talking about HARP, please DELETE it. I do NOT endorse this business. Please beware and report this as SPAM if you receive it.
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