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Now is the Time to Get Your Family on Board with a Smart Holiday Plan

September 21, 2017
If you’re honest, I am confident you would tell me that you wish you could spend less around the holidays. This has nothing to do with being a Scrooge. But you also know from experience, that you end up spending way more than you intended. Not necessarily because you were extravagant. Quite often it’s just the sheer number of people in your life that you exchange gifts with, that can add up.
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A Winning Argument for Why You and Your Honey Need to Come Clean About Money

September 14, 2017
I recently saw a survey that reported that nearly half of people in a relationship say they argue about money. I was surprised it was not even higher. And money stress is often a major factor in why couples split up.
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3 Retirement Moves to Make at Work That Will Pay off in 2018 and Beyond

September 07, 2017
Fall is the popular time for open enrollment at work, when employers lay out all the ins and outs of their benefit package for the coming year, and leave it to workers to decide if they want to change or update any of their benefit coverage.
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Long-Term Care Planning--One Size Does Not Fit All

August 31, 2017
Shopping for long-term care insurance today is starting to feel like walking into the biggest shoe store you have ever seen and figuring out where to start
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How to Get the Best Bang for Your College Buck

August 28, 2017
I am a big believer in college education, and an even bigger believer in getting a return on your investment. But I don’t know any financial advisor who can guarantee that a $180,000 investment in a private four-year college (according to the College Board) will provide positive returns. It is up to you to help your child know what they are paying for and understand how to get the most out of their college experience.
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