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August 03, 2023

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For this Ask Suze and KT Anything episode, we’re doing something different: KT and Suze are talking about some of the comments you’ve sent in regarding recent podcasts and how they helped you.

Podcast Transcript:


Robert, Suze & KT: All right, Suzie KT. Are you ready for today's podcast? Yeah, Robert, of course, we're ready


Robert, Suze & KT: because we are unstoppable. Yeah, baby! (Music in).


KT: August 3rd, a very...


Suze: What year?


KT: 2023, everybody you know that.


Suze: Now before you tell them, why can we at least welcome them to the Women and Money podcast and everybody's smart enough to listen. Can we tell them that it's the KT and Suze edition? And so now can you tell them


Suze: why you're so excited about August Third?


KT: Before I name all of the special birthday reasons, We need to congratulate Suze that this week, she was named by Forbes Fifty Over Fifty. Best of, is it best of or what is it the best of?


Suze: 50 over 50 who have changed this world essentially. So,


Suze: I don't know, since I'm 72 it took them 22 years to do it. But that's besides the point.


KT: Congratulations. What an honor. That was a great honor. And I came out of left field. We didn't know anything about that.


KT: So somebody over at Forbes said, hey, it's time for Suze...


Suze: We were sitting at breakfast the other morning and we were talking to our friend Kim Robinson in Australia and all of a sudden I'm sitting there and I get this email and it says, congratulations.


KT: We started getting all these pings.


Suze: So thank you, everybody.


KT: Congrats, Suze. And if they want to be able to read it,


KT: look at all of your accolades. Where do they go?


Suze: Well, I'm sure we'll post it on the Women and Money App.


KT: We're gonna put it on the wall. Go to the wall, you'll see it. And now let me reveal the rest of August 3rd, the very auspicious day for Leos: Bob Stiller, the creator of Green Mountain Coffee, Martha Stewart. Everybody's favorite chef, Baker, holiday maker. You name it. And she and


KT: I, I didn't say I said you name it and she and Snoop do it.


Suze: Sports Illustrated at the age of who knows how old she is.


KT: But the most important is my best friend Bonnie Goen from Hong Kong. Bonnie is today yet again, 21 years old. And I wish you and Suze wishes you the most heartfelt. Great, great year,


Suze: Happy 21st birthday. Again,


KT: I love you. Bonnie.


Suze: Isn't this her fifth anniversary of her 21st birthday?


KT: No, no, no, no, don't do that. Math, everybody. Anyway, Bonnie is on her way from London to New York and I wish you the most wonderful celebration of them all. Now we're ready to get started. Are you ready, Suze?


Suze: Not quite...because here's the thing somebody wrote in and they said, Suze,


Suze: why didn't you do the date last Sunday?


KT: Why didn't you?


Suze: Well, you don't know?


KT: No.


Suze: Because you didn't listen to the podcast.


KT: I didn't listen to it. I was really busy.


KT: What, what, what do you do? You messed up?


Suze: I did. So, here's what happened. Everybody, if you listen to last Sunday's podcast, you hear Robert do the date. And the reason is when I recorded the podcast to send to him, I said it was July 31st 2023. And the truth of the matter is it wasn't July 31st.


Suze: It was July 30th, which is what the Sunday was and I thought it was gonna be the 31st. So it got sent to him.


Suze: And so he corrected it by putting in the date in his voice and cutting out what I had said.


KT: Was it nice to, to hear his voice?


Suze: I really liked it.


KT: Why don't we have him do the date on everything?


Suze: We could.


KT: All right, Robert, you got a new job, boy.


Suze: I'm not giving you a raise though for that.


KT: All right, let me start with my questions. I have questions and lots and lots of comments. And first I want to read many of the comments and I'll tell you why Suze,


KT: this is, these are feedbacks that I get and we read and I say, you know, if this is how a person was touched by her, by Suze's advice, then we need to share it with everyone


KT: because these are very relevant. So the first one is from Christina, she said, I love Suze's tough love. I'm referring to Suze's reaction on last week's podcast to the woman who emailed in about her in-laws house being abandoned for five years. I know


KT: you're still mad about it. Listen to this and Christina said, I wish Suze would give the same feisty talk to two of my own relatives who are allowing a family home that they inherited to sit empty and decay rather than resolve their dispute. It's so sad to see a house that was once


KT: beautiful and filled with my elders now stand empty with boarded windows, Suze, you keep being you, we need you. Yeah.


Suze: You know, I want to say something about that. KT knows when I get mad or I get feisty.


Suze: Why do it do it?


KT: Her face turns red.


Suze: You tell me why that happens to me. I know why it does. You tell me why it does.


KT: It happens to you when you feel that these, that people are just not respectful of money, of someone else's hard work and labor and they're just not, they're not nice.


Suze: You know, I've spent the last 40 years dedicating my life, honest to God,


Suze: to giving advice, to make all of you understand, money, understand how it works to get the most out of your money because of how important money is, especially if you don't have a lot of it. So when somebody either is being disrespectful of money


Suze: and treating it like it just doesn't matter. Or they've been taken by somebody where they've been given advice. That is just so not right.


Suze: Oh my God, it just gets to me. So anyway,


KT: Or if I, I hate to use this word. But I know when you really get mad when you see how money can be abused unnecessarily. And I think that has a lot to do with what spurs you.


Suze: And part of the reason is everybody is that because I also get thousands of emails from you


Suze: when you talk to me about what happens in your life when you don't have any money and you're older and there's nothing I can do about it anymore. So that's why it comes out of an incredible passion for you to have the best of the best. Really? Anyway, go on,


KT: Let me share another email that I received from Karen.


KT: She said, Suze, I wanted to thank you for the comment about widows needing two years, at least two years to adjust during the pension podcast. She said I was widowed in September at age 51. So she's a young widow


KT: while I continued to work, cared for the Children and dealt with the estate. I'm just now tackling the stuff, even the things that are not sentimental like his socks, which are still sitting in the closet. It made me feel less pressure to know that I'm completely normal. Keep doing Suze, the wonderful things you're doing.


KT: And then she wrote PS I just saw Alliant's 5.2% Jumbo CD rates and I'm so thankful for your introduction to them, Karen.


Suze: Yeah. Thank you, Karen. By the way, for those of you, there has been an interest rate adjustment on the certificates of deposits and now


Suze: the 12 month one, actually all the way through 17 months is at 5.15%. But if you put in $75,000 or more, it's 5.2%. And I think you'll find that that's one of the highest, if not the highest rate anywhere. So you might want to check that out at my alliante dot com.


KT: Ok. So again, this is another comment from Angie.


Suze: How come you thought you wanted to do comments?


KT: Because these comments are extremely relevant to everybody's life. This is the real stuff that happens. It's not a rath question. It's not,


KT: you know, these aren't financial questions that we do deal with and need to over and over again. This is the real life stuff and this one really touched me. It's from Angie. Dear, Suze and KT. Last week my mom died from the time of her cancer diagnosis to the day of her death was exactly two weeks. Can you imagine, Suze two weeks,


KT: my goodness. And we didn't have time to take care of anything we were able to go through. Mom's must have documents. But because of our mom's failing health, the only document we could get notarized was the financial power of attorney.


KT: I mean, this family learned that mom had cancer and two weeks later she's gone. So anyway, Angie goes on to say my heart is broken. I am devastated by losing our mom so quickly, the day we brought her home on Hospice was the day you published on the podcast with highlights of don't turn your back on yourself.


KT: Our mom did not tell us the whole truth about what was going on in her life financially. And as a result, she struggled unnecessarily if we had known she was putting her health on the back burner because she could not afford to make ends meet. We would have done anything to help her. So, Angie, you know, our heart goes out to you and your family, but to everyone else,


KT: Angie and they're in pain because they knew they could have helped their mom, maybe even prolonged her life a little. I don't know, but...


Suze: That's why you chose these.


KT: So I, I want to share this because there's so many of you out there. I know that may have the same feelings and, and listen to Suze's podcast. Don't turn your back on yourself.


KT: Yeah. Ok. So Suze, I think these are important I have two more. I'm gonna call them my slices of life. I have two more of these.


Suze: Everybody. Sometimes when you hear what can happen to other people or what does happen to other people. That's so much better. That's such a better ask, KT and Suze, anything than truthfully what KT said, just answering questions about money, money and life,


Suze: your life of money, your life of yourself. It's one, there's really no difference. All right KT, what else?


KT: So, so wait, these are really good and I know that there's people out there listening. Some of you absolutely will resonate with this and those that don't just listen to what real life sounds like and feels like.


KT: So this is from Heather. She said, Suze, I heard you talk about older people needing and using the money they saved and not leaving it to their kids and listen to Heather's frustration. Everyone I went through this with my mother. Mom would not sell her home to pay for her care because my brother was living there rent free.


KT: I ended up subsidizing her care between dealing with my brother, the pandemic and a layoff. I developed anxiety and have trouble falling asleep every night. It always feels like something bad is around the corner. I know this is a me problem but it's difficult to shake because I see older folks with so much need and they have so little.


KT: My girlfriend's sister tells me that things always work out, but I see things not working out for a lot of people. She said, Suze, thanks for all you do. The podcast has really helped me from being paralyzed many times. I just need to shake a bit more anxiety and fear. Be well, Heather.


KT: So let's help. Let's help her shake it up, Suze,


Suze: Shake it like, like, like Taylor said, shake it,


KT: Shake it, shake it, shake it. Listen to Taylor's song, Heather. It will help you. So it's true. So I think that these are important


Suze: Right... So you want to know something Heather? I used to have that fear. Believe it or not. I had this fear that I was going to end up like my father


Suze: sick, penniless, not having any money. Always worried about money failing one time after another time, my mother being upset and freaked about money. I was so afraid that that's how my life was going to end up and, but look at me now, look at what happened to my life. So you can't


Suze: dwell in fear. Number one, remember fear is one of the three main internal obstacles to wealth. Every time you start to get afraid, you need to create a new truth that is directly opposite your fear. So if your fear is that you're gonna end up, you're gonna end up like all these people and that don't have money and that they suffer as they get older, stop it,


Suze: stop it right here. And right now because remember your thoughts, create your destiny. So when you find yourself feeling like that or thinking like that, stop and create a new truth that replaces that fear, maybe that truth is


Suze: I'm living a great life and I have more money than I'll ever need. And I'm healthy and everything is exactly how it should be because why I have worked for it, I've been responsible whatever it may be. But tell yourself that over and over again and watch the magic, the money magic that you can create in your own life. But you should know you're not really different than the majority of the people out there.


Suze: Most women have that fear. Most women silently believe it or not have a fear that they're going to end up as bag ladies on the street.


Suze: That's why it's called the bag lady syndrome and not the bag man syndrome. Have you ever thought about that? It's true when your girlfriend says, don't worry, it works out. It doesn't work out without self effort and grace. You know, I, yeah, I used to close every talk when I gave talks,


Suze: I used to close every talk with this and it went as follows. Every single one of us is born with two wings and I would be standing on the stage and I would have my arms flapping like wings. One wing is the wing of grace that's flapping by our side 24 hours a day, seven days a week from now until eternity,


Suze: the wing of self effort


Suze: has to flap equally as hard as the wing of grace. And when it does, you will take flight flight into the world of unlimited possibilities where everything and anything is possible.


Suze: So things work out when you take action, self effort. And of course, grace. That's always there. Next one KT.


KT: Well, on that point, Tina


KT: sent an email that is absolutely pulls on those same heart strings.


Suze: I just wonder when you start to read this, this is the Tina who I've been communicating with.


KT: I don't know. It's um, I, I read it to you, Suze. I started following you religiously in 2016. I followed through on your advice and I


KT: felt financially secure up until now. Is that Tina? Then listen to this. Everyone. We just found out my husband has cancer in both kidneys. They need to be removed. And due to his other health issues, the surgery is high risk. He will require a long, long recovery and then dialysis providing the surgery goes well.


KT: So this is the part that really resonated with me and probably with all of you listening, we've been advised to make sure we have things in order


KT: in case it doesn't go well. So her husband is in emotional turmoil. She's the logical one. She's trying to keep her wits about her. She said, I'm afraid and overwhelmed


KT: everything in our lives has been upended today. So you've been helping her, right, Suze. All right. So she said, what if he is incapacitated? What if he dies? You have spoken about this so many times in your podcast, Suze, he does not have the must have documents because he refused to even talk about them. I did not push the issue with him. I personally have three out of the four done.


KT: We do not have a living revocable trust because of our mortgage loan modification. So we are just not prepared for this turn of events. There you go, everybody. So talk about, you know, your life being upended all of a sudden.


Suze: Yeah, and that's what happened to Tina. Here's the thing, everybody.


Suze: It's interesting. KT, you chose that one because it does go on for quite a bit. But when you write in to Ask Suze podcast at gmail dot com, when you do that and when I read one of the emails like Tina's and she has all of these questions, who else is going to answer these questions for her?


Suze: I mean, where do you find seriously a financial advisor that will sit down and be gentle with her and emotional with her and feeling with her and take her by her hand, so to speak and make sure that she understands everything that's going on financially. And that's what I did with Tina and she was able to write back KT and go oh, I never thought of it that way.


Suze: And she's doing pretty good now, she understands what she can do and what she needs to and needs to do. And I wrote her back again, believe it or not just the other day that morning. And I said, don't ever forget I'm always here for you and all of you should know that I really am always here for you. And I just have to say one more thing, Nina,


Suze: Nina who wrote me and I wrote her back and asked her how much her house was worth and everything. And she answered me and then she got afraid because her son said that's not Suze writing you.


Suze: It's a scam that so, so you just are being scammed and she got afraid and she wrote back and she said, no, I'm afraid it's really not you. So I wrote her back and I said, oh, listen to Thursday's podcast and you'll know that it's me. But what was interesting is that I did say to her as well. It's not enough that I just write you back and that you think it's me? Because what if it wasn't me


Suze: in terms of that? So I wanted her to hear my voice and I wanted her to really know because my job is to make sure that you are all protected. Now, don't tell me, you know..


KT: I have questions. I have some questions. Am I out of time?


Suze: You're not out of time. But I'm just wondering,


Suze: is that enough for a podcast? Do we save questions for another time? And was this simply really a podcast


Suze: about life? What do you think?


KT: I'd rather make it a podcast just about sharing everyone else out there that, that has real life situations that many of you also have. So they're not alone, no one's alone.


Suze: So let's save those until next time. A quizzie isn't needed, nothing else is needed. Because if you ask me, this is probably one of the more important podcasts we've ever done


Suze: because this is a podcast about the possibilities and the probabilities of life. So there's only one thing we want all of you to do every single day.


Suze: And that is to say the following today, wherever I go, I will create what KT?


KT: A more peaceful, joyful and loving world.


Suze: And if you do that and if you take care of your money, you take care of your loved ones, you take care of those that you don't even love. You pay attention to the details and you do everything you need to do with love.


Suze: We promise you you will be unstoppable. Now, Sunday tune in because I'm going to do an entire follow up by the way, because you've all wrote in so many questions about last Sunday's Suze School.


Suze: So I'm going to give you a lesson like you have never had before about bonds, the pricing of bonds and how you make money on bonds.


KT: You know why? Everybody, because Suze is unstoppable.


Music: Music (out).

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