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April 25, 2021

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On this podcast, Suze talks about why it is important to be patient in all aspects of our lives.  Remember, time does heal all wounds and time helps your money grow for the long run.

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April 25, 2021. It's a Sunday KT, you know what that means? That this is my Suze I get to choose what I want to do today. Suze School. I'm not doing Suze school, so to speak. But you know what else today is, today is a sad day. No, it isn't. It's actually a festive day because it is Sunday. Today is Suze's mom's birthday. She if she were here with us, she's in heaven. But if she were here, she'd be 106 years old. But you know why I'm happy today, Sunday what do we do every Sunday? Oh, when mama was alive, both of our mamas, both our mamas and my aunt and my uncle and everybody, which is many of you may know that the main reason that we moved to Florida was to be with our parents. But anyway, every single Sunday 14 of us would gather and have a barbecue. Every single Sunday. They loved it. And Suze and I would laugh because everyone would arrive with wheelchairs and aids and their special vans to bring them here and we would make this massive barbecue and they just ate like a bunch of little kids. They loved it. You know, KT not only because it's my mother's birthday today, but I've been thinking a lot lately about health, about wealth, about time and about really what are the lessons that I've learned over these past nine months and how it relates to everything? And I'd like us to do a podcast today on, are you ready for this topic? Don't rush time. Oh, I like that. Now, when I say that to you, what comes to mind? Slow down You move too fast now. She's singing for us. You have a favorite saying, what is your favorite saying about time? No, it's not my favorite saying. It's something that I learned many years ago from a really great friend. And it was this “dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry”. Yeah. So, the reason that I want to talk about this today is because a lot of you have been writing me and it seems a lot of you are impatient lately about how much time it's going to take you to make up for the fact that you got divorced and everything was taken away from you, in your opinion. How much time it's going to take for you to make up for the fact that you spent your emergency fund. You don't have a job. You don't have anything right now because of the pandemic. A lot of you are writing about the time. It's real estate, you don't have time. You have to buy a house right now. If you don't buy a house, it's going to pass you by. And so, you have to do it right here and right now. And I myself have recently learned a really incredible lesson about time. And the lesson goes like this, as you all know, nine months ago now, two days ago on July 23 and now, here we are on April 25. So, it was essentially nine months ago when I had that operation on my spine and everybody said I'll be fine, everything will be great. And then as time went on one month, three months, four months and my arm as you know, was still hurting KT and I decided we're going to do everything we can to make sure that I'm okay. And I would go see one doctor after another doctor and they would all say Suze, this is going to take you at least 18 months to heal. Nerves heal very, very slowly. But Suze Orman didn't want to believe that did I KT? No, I was like, I don't want to wait. There's got to be something that I can do to speed up healing time. So, I did everything you can imagine from laser treatments, to shots in my back, to acupuncture, you know three hours a day, four days a week, for two or three months for massage, physical therapy. Another acupuncturist, you know, herbs everything. And here's what I've realized that I cannot rush time, that my body and the nerves in my body have their own time as to how long it takes for them to heal and there is nothing that I can do to speed up that process. Sure, I can do things that maybe help me with the pain and things like that, but I cannot speed up the natural process of nerves healing and what happened after I realized that and I just kind of relaxed into it and I accepted that everything has its own time. I want to tell you that my arm has been feeling a little bit better day by day on its own and it's just an amazing thing for me to have realized that I just have to relax into it and not rush time. So, we learned a number of things about time, Suze. First, we learn patience is one of the biggest ingredients in healing, which you write. I think this pandemic also gave people a lot of found time, so many things about time in the past year have been very much in the forefront. And it's not like people can use these excuses anymore, which you were just saying in the beginning of the podcast, I don't have enough time where I've got to do this right away or so. Those aren't excuses KT, that they're using. Those are fears that they have. You know, rightfully so, of course I would want to make time move faster so that I'm not in pain and I can fish and go on a boat and being, you know, my typical self, of course I would want to do that. And of course, all of you would want to rush time to get back to your lives, the way that you used to know them or the money that you used to have. I get that. Those aren't excuses. Those are real wants and desires, but the lesson here, which is why I wanted to do this today, is that no matter how much we want, time to speed up to solve our problem, that's not what we should want. What we should want is to appreciate every second of every day and not want to rush time. To just accept the lessons that time is giving us at the moment, that it's giving it to us. And if we were to do that, I just have a feeling our lives would fall into place so much easier for all of us. Like since I what were you going to say? And happier? Suze has been really happy like all week, for two weeks. Super happy and I still look at her and I said, oh, is your arm feeling better? She goes, no, it's still the same, still the same KT. But I look at her and she's been super happy. And I think the happiness is because you have finally surrendered to the need to let time take its course, right? And so that is the aspect of time and healing. But then there is the aspect of time and money as well because really there's not a lot of difference between our health and our wealth. They're both so vital to our being. It's not funny, you can't really have one without the other and you can't really have the other without one. I mean both of those things make up our lives and how we really travel the path of life. So, when it comes to money, here's what I also want you to understand about time, the greatest ingredient and I've said this before, in any financial freedom recipe is time. That the compounding of money, the growth of money, the money that you put in and then the money that it earns and then the money that it earns, earns money. And when money starts to compound it becomes so incredible. It's not even funny. But so many of you now want to do what you want to rush time. I mean when my own relatives are asking other relatives because for some reason sometimes they just don't ask me, but that's besides the point. Should I buy Bitcoin? I heard that somebody just went from 10 to $60,000 they made in Bitcoin. Should I now buy Bitcoin? And everybody is on this Bitcoin thing, which by the way, it's done pretty well if you ask me. But All right, well, that's not what we're talking about right now. We're talking about people wanting to make money fast, whether it's with the GameStop or certain things that are going on or Bitcoin now, all of a sudden because people have seen how much money has been made in a short period of time, that's where all their focus has gone versus looking at all the incredible opportunities that are out there and probably even more so as time goes on here with these markets. Of what they could be investing in, where over time, five years from now, 10 years from now, 30 or 40 years from now, they could have so much money. It's not even funny, but no, they're looking at rushing time when it comes to money. So, I want all of you to really slow down. I want all of you to take the time to look at everything that you have, to look at really what is the amount of money that you have coming in? What is the amount of money that you have going out? How much credit card debt do you have? What interest rate do you have it? How much do you really have in retirement? How is that money going to grow over the years? I want you to simply take time to do what? Get back in touch with your money because it's at times like this that we've just been through for the past year or so now, you don't want to look at your money, you don't want to open your statements, you don't want to look at your bills, you don't want to face anything that has to do with money, especially if you don't have any money. But that is the perfect time for you to sit down, slowly, look at everything and then have the understanding and the remembrance of this podcast, the remembrance of in time, your current situation will absolutely change. In time, you will have income coming in again in time. Your investments will grow again. In time you will be out of debt. In time, you will own your own car outright. In time, you will own your own home outright. In time, you'll be able to rent an apartment again. In time, anything and everything is possible, but only if you don't rush time, that's great. He is sitting there, I'm listening to that thinking, oh my God, it's like a great rap song that was perfect. How would it go? But that's what you just said. You know, she's amazing. Everybody, Suze had written something and shared it with me this morning, that she had sent to a friend of ours and, and I told her, I said your writing is just magic, it's magic. Something, she has this way with words that it's still I'm in awe 20 years later, everyone I'm in awe. We just had our 20th anniversary, 20th April. We have many anniversaries. I'm sure all of you out there have these milestone, little dates and marks of all the loves in your life. But we met each other actually on April 16th, 2001. Yeah, April 16th. So, we recently have been reminiscing about that time when we met, I was such a great time. Wasn't about time? Whoa, what a time that was. That was that was a great time, totally unexpected too. Which is another thing about not rushing time and you never know what's going to come your way. Because so many times, KT people are writing, it's going, when am I going to meet the love of my life? I want a spouse, I want a boyfriend, I want a girlfriend, I want a relationship, I want one now, I've been looking for so long. I know this is old fashioned, but it's when you're not looking that it kind of just comes your way. But it's also when you don't rush that time. And also, and you always say to people, open your heart, just be open, just be open. But it's not even that KT really you when I met you, you were not looking, no, you were not even wanting. Yeah, I was pretty, I was happy, totally happy being with my life. Always loved my life being by herself, just loving life. I on the other hand, was not looking on any level either because, truthfully, I was in a relationship I didn't want to be in and had not wanted to be in it for years, but didn't have the courage to get out for many reasons. So, all I was looking for was the time that I could get back on the plane and leave California way back to New York and to get back away from her and to live, continue to live my life. So, neither of us were looking and we weren't rushing that time and but time found us and here we are years later. So, this is a very short podcast today, but I think it's a podcast with a really, really important message and also with an exercise that I would like you to do, I would like you to take out a piece of paper with a pen or a pencil. And I would like you to write down in what ways do you rush time? In what ways are you impatient with not getting what you want in your life right now? Just write those down and then after you've written them down, can you just make a commitment to yourself for just 21 days? Just 21 days, where every time you feel yourself getting anxious or impatient or you're or you're not where you want to be, you're not feeling as good as you should be. You don't have the money that you need. Can you just stop? You can just stop and say all right, I'm not going to rush time today. Today, I'm just going to sit with every moment. Today, every action I take is going to be an action that isn't rushed, but one that's done with thought and faith and the knowledge that everything really does happen for the best. Anything else you want to say, KT? No, that was a great ending, do you like that? And KT, this entire podcast has just been sitting here staring at me. She's very she's full of wisdom today. I thought, well because my mommy's birthday, do you remember what we used to do for my mom's birthdays? Oh my goodness, so many different things we would do. But what we went really would do is that my mom lived in an independent living facility that also had an assistant care and it was, you know, it was one of the places that she loved and she lived. Every birthday on April 25th, KT and I and Lynn, KT sister, my sister-in-law would throw a party for the whole for the entire home there. There were like over 100 some odd people that we gave theme parties and they were magnificent. These weren't like little birthday cake and blow out the candles and say goodbye. These were massive events. One of them we did was called Dancing with the Stars. I'll never forget that. It was when the show was very popular, new and Suze and I found these incredible tango dancers a couple and they were older. They were as old as the folks that we were entertaining, her mom's friends but they were beautiful and they dressed in all of their amazing costumes and we had a band. We had a live band, orchestra and they danced and danced and it was just unbelievable. But the great part about it was is that KT Lynn and myself, we served everybody and they loved the fact that Suze Orman was serving them cake and wine and champagne and coffee and refills and they were just like really and everybody had hats and at the end all got goody bag. So, Suze and I would call in the favors of everyone. We worked with everyone like Avon, all of our friends and people that made things fashion houses. And we would put together these amazing swag bags. Really great goody bags just like on the Oscars and we would give these out at the end and her mother would sit there and hand each of her friends a little, thank you for coming to my party. They loved it. It was like one, it was like a big production that we did every year, once a year, fabulous. And so that my mom looked forward to that every year because she was in essence the start that day. It was as if she was throwing a birthday party for all, she was the celebrity. It was so great. We could go on and on and tell you all kinds of stories that we did for her birthday. But that's good for now, I just want to end with one last thought, everyone, make time count. She has such a smile on her face. Do you like that? I like that, in every moment, in every second of every day. Absolutely. Should be a precious one that you value. All right, KT now Thursday is going to be your day again so you best start preparing for it. But until then everybody. Happy birthday mama. We miss you. Bye bye.

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