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January 01, 2023

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What makes you truly happy? As we begin a new year, Suze shares a story about looking for the right signs, so we can create a peaceful, joyful and loving world.

Podcast Transcript:


Suze: January 1st, 2023 sounds so strange to say that.


Suze: 2023 kind of like "2023 the year for you and me" and I hope that is true. I hope you spend this year with me all year to learn that which you need to know about money and who you are when it comes to life.


Suze: Your life both inwardly and outwardly. So I want to start today rather than having a Suze School because today's podcast really was going to be all about the new retirement laws and financial laws that President Biden signed into place last year.


Suze: The new age for required minimum distributions. The more money that you can put into what? Into retirement accounts. The reduction of the 50% tax penalty. If you don't take out enough RMDs, required minimum distributions. I was going to give you all of those changes, but today is New Year's Day


Suze: and I decided, you know, all of that can wait until next Sunday. That now gives you a preview of what's coming up. But to start the new year


Suze: out right,


Suze: I want to start with a Suze story


Suze: and the Suze story is all about all of us looking for a sign,


Suze: a sign that says everything's gonna be okay, you're gonna be protected.


Suze: Everything is going to work out the way that you really want it to.


Suze: And there are signs around us all the time


Suze: and I just think all of us are so busy doing this and doing that. We miss the signs that are presented to us.


Suze: And for me, another sign just happened the other day.


Suze: And maybe you remember me telling you, if I even did, a story about a year ago, I was sitting in the loggia


Suze: of our home in the Bahamas and I was simply sitting there looking out


Suze: at the ocean and the sand and how beautiful everything was around me gorgeous home, incredible relationship as you all know, I have with KT,


Suze: everything in my life that I've been blessed with.


Suze: But yet


Suze: I really wasn't feeling happy.


Suze: I didn't know, would I ever really be able to live the life that I used to live. The life of walking on the beach. The life of being able to fish and hold a fishing rod. The life that I loved so much. Would I ever experience a day without pain?


Suze: And when I say pain, I don't mean a little pain. I mean a lot of pain. Would that ever be there for me again?


Suze: And as I was thinking that, all of a sudden this huge bird landed just a few feet from me.


Suze: And I'm like, what is that? And when I say huge, I am not exaggerating everybody. It was at least three ft tall. It was at least a foot or two wide. It was huge and it just landed there... long legs. It was gray and it was blue and I was like, what was that?


Suze: So now I start looking up birds and I think I've identified it correctly as a blue heron.


Suze: I still don't know if that's actually what it was, but that's what I came to identify it by.


Suze: And then I would show other people the pictures of it and they would say, oh Suze, that is a blue heron.


Suze: And it stayed there for... I want to say through New Year's Day through, through a few days after that. And then eventually about a week later


Suze: it left it just stayed there. It let me get maybe a foot from it. If I got too close it would move and fly up to our fence. But it did not leave this property for quite a few days. And when I looked up the meaning of a blue heron, this is exactly what it said:


Suze: in many cultures, blue herons are considered symbols of strength, grace and patience. They are often associated with water and the natural world and are often depicted in art, literature and folklore as symbols of wisdom, solitude and the passage of time.


Suze: In the Native American cultures, blue herons are seen as spiritual guides and are believed to have the power to bring good fortune and protection.


Suze: And I loved that


Suze: and I thought oh Suze, you just need more patience. You just need more patience. And with the passage of time things will get better for you. So that blue heron became a sign


Suze: of two blessings, a sign that God sent to me and people I believe in God so much, I can't even tell you I have such faith


Suze: that it really is what sustains me more than anything else in life. So at that moment I really believe that this was something that God sent to me


Suze: to help me understand everything will get better. But what I'm going through at that moment I needed to learn from


Suze: And then as the year went on as many of you know,


Suze: I got better and then I got worse and then I got better and then recently, recently for the first time in two and half years and I posted for all of you a picture of this.


Suze: I was able to take a walk in the sand on the beach.


Suze: And what was fascinating about that is it was actually easier for me to walk in deep sand than on the hard sand because the hard sand made it so that my nerves, you know, were affected because sometimes my left side, which is what was affected by the operation I had,


Suze: that it went from my arm all the way down my left leg and sometimes my left foot just goes numb and tingles. So walking on the hard cement or hard sand was never comfortable for me.


Suze: But walking in deep sand where it's really hard to walk. For some reason I was able to do that


Suze: And that brought such joy to me and the desire to once again want to walk and it brought even more joy to KT because KT walks at least 20,000 steps a day. She swims at least 25 laps, which is 50 lengths a day of our pool that is 70 ft long.


Suze: KT gets up in the morning as you know, and she's dancing and she's gardening and she's all over the place and she loves life. But what she misses is that I used to do all of that with her


Suze: and now I don't.


Suze: And for years before we even lived here, we live in a condo in Florida. We would take a walk every day on the beach, we would walk three miles a day on the beach and then we started to walk in parks and we would walk at least five miles a day.


Suze: And that is what prepared us by the way to walk the Camino in Spain and if any of you have never done that and you want a true experience, look up Marly Camino and sign up and do that.


Suze: And that was like 100 kilometer walk that ends in Santiago in this church that it was just the most incredible experience of our life


Suze: and I was able to do that with her and we always said we have to go back and do it again.


Suze: But I never thought that I would be able to.


Suze: So here we are


Suze: in 2023,


Suze: and just the other day,


Suze: guess what happened again?


Suze: KT came running in the house and she said Suze, Suze, you have to come out and see Malte is back and Malte was the name that we gave the hearing when the hearing was here


Suze: and send Malte's back. I said what are you talking about? She said come look and there was Malte once again


Suze: and I came out and she let me get pretty close to her and she just turned around and stared at me and kept staring and she's still out there right now as I'm recording this.


Suze: and once again there is the sign


Suze: that


Suze: Malte is there to bring good fortune and protection to me. And obviously KT as well.


Suze: So then I started to think


Suze: what signs are there in your life?


Suze: What signs that maybe when you're feeling lonely or you're feeling miserable or you're feeling like you're in a relationship and you need to get out of it and you don't quite know how, what signs are you missing


Suze: That I would just like all of you


Suze: every single day


Suze: to think about. You know a long time ago I learned from a fabulous teacher. There's one thing in life that's known as the great destructor of all. It will destroy everything


Suze: and that great destructor of all is known as time


Suze: and that there is only one way to conquer time and that is through love.


Suze: So it is really important


Suze: that every moment that we spend now, every moment starting right here today, the day of New Year's.


Suze: That every moment we spend, we love it. And if we're not loving it, that also is your sign, that is your sign that you need to change whatever it is that you are doing


Suze: and change it and do something that you love because when you do something that you don't love, it destroys you, it destroys you inside, it destroys your spirit, it destroys


Suze: your ability to be able to be strong that day and do what you need to do, which is to be happy and reside in love.


Suze: But you have the ability to change that


Suze: by doing something that you love. Now I know a lot of you are going to say, but Suze, I'm stuck in a job that I don't love. I'm stuck in a relationship because I don't have the money to get out. So I can't change it. Oh yes, you can,


Suze: yes, you can. How many abused women survivors now finally gathered their courage and they left and whether they left and they ended up, you know, in a women's shelter or wherever it was, they changed it.


Suze: So I'm asking you to just remember what I've just said right here and right now


Suze: recently,


Suze: KT and I decided


Suze: that we were going to start every single day saying the following: today, wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, joyful and loving world. In fact, if you go on the women and money app, you'll see, I made a video saying that


Suze: and since we've been saying that


Suze: before we even get out of bed,


Suze: I can't tell you how that has changed me.


Suze: Actually I can,


Suze: there are a few people in my life that I've been really, really angry with


Suze: and I've been angry with them. And you know, I tell you anger is the main internal obstacle to wealth,


Suze: but I've been angry at them. I haven't wanted to have anything to do with them.


Suze: And they have been reaching out to me and reaching out to me and reaching out to me and saying, can I call you, can I facetime you? And I haven't been answering,


Suze: I just haven't answered.


Suze: And after I started to say, "today, wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, joyful and loving world."


Suze: When they asked me could they call me? I said yes, when they asked me if they could face time with me, I said yes.


Suze: And what's fascinating is they never did, but at least I said yes, because I didn't want to create anything other than peace and joy and love in this world and I can't tell you how empowered that made me feel


Suze: Me feel.


Suze: So I made a decision here for this podcast


Suze: and you know how we've entered every single one of these podcasts for the last year or two with, "And there's only one thing that I want you to remember when it comes to your money and that is for you to be smart, strong insecure. Now you stay safe."


Suze: I think you get that at this point in time,


Suze: as you've been on this journey with me.


Suze: So I am now going to end this podcast for this year


Suze: in a very different way. A way that encompasses both the people listening and myself as well. Because I do see us as a community. I see us as a community that supports each other. I see it on the women and money app when you're answering each other


Suze: and I feel it when I answer you directly, whether it's by email or a phone call. So I don't view this as an I, I view all of us as a "we."


Suze: So


Suze: the new ending for the podcast is this and there's only one thing that I want you to remember in life and it's this


Suze: today, wherever we go, we will create a peaceful, joyful and loving world. Now you stay safe.

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