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January 22, 2023

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On today’s episode, Suze introduces something new, announces a great new opportunity for us to secure our money and teaches a lesson in being unstoppable.

Podcast Transcript:


Suze: January 22nd, 2023. Welcome everybody to the Women and Money podcast as well as everybody smart enough to listen, Suze O, here


Suze: Now, it was New Year's Eve


Suze: and I was watching Miley Cyrus. I love Miley Cyrus, on her New Year's Eve special with Dolly Parton. And as I was listening to all the music, I was thinking to myself, you know what, in the year 2023 The Women and Money podcast needs a new theme song. It's been two years with the same theme song.


Suze: So I was listening and I was listening and then Sia comes on to perform


Suze: and she performs the song Unstoppable.


Suze: And I'm thinking, Oh my God, that's the song. That needs to be our theme song for 2023.


Suze: Because all of us need to enter this year, in my opinion,


Suze: feeling like we are unstoppable, that nothing can stop us from getting to where we are meant to go. And usually the only thing that gets in our own ways is us. We think we can't do it. We think if we ask somebody for something, they're gonna say no.


Suze: So what did I do?


Suze: I started to listen to that song over and over again on my little iPhone. And even though I know that song came out years ago, I think it was 2016.


Suze: To me, it was a new song because I heard it not just for my own life, but for the life of all those who listen to this podcast. So I did


Suze: what you would expect me to do, even though I did not think that the answer was going to come back yes. I happened to have Sia's email address and I wrote her it was now January 4th. That's how long it took me to listen to the song to make sure that yes, this is perfect for the podcast and really to work up my courage to write an email to Sia to say


Suze: Sia, I love your new song and I realized she probably didn't understand what I meant by new song since it was old but it was new for me because I saw it in a whole different light. But anyway I said I love your song by any chance, is it possible that I can use a portion of it


Suze: as the theme song for the Women and Money podcast. And then of course I went on wishing her well saying if I could ever do anything for her just know I'm here and to feel okay to say no because I understand that. Because sometimes when a recording artist has a song, sometimes they have partners in it or publishers or whatever it may be or companies and they all go are you crazy


Suze: If Suze wants that song she can pay us X thousands  of dollars for that song, who knows what it would be.


Suze: So I wanted her to feel okay about saying no because truthfully Sia's music


Suze: I've listened to now for many, many years and they have always her songs have always gotten me through times where I was like, I don't know if I can do this, I need help. Whether it was swinging from a chandelier or whether it was Stamina that I have stamin


Suze: and this year it's Unstoppable.


Suze: And so


Suze: I didn't hear back from her and I didn't hear back from her.


Suze: And then I started to wonder, well, you know that email address was years old, the last time we communicated. So maybe that's not even her email address anymore. But I was so proud of myself for just going for it. Just going for it. I did not stop myself from getting rejected. I went for it everybody. And then 12 days after I sent


Suze: the email to Sia on January 16th at 2:42 p.m. East Coast time, I got this email back that said absolutely my pleasure, CCing my managers here. So they know I approved it as a gift. I'll start listening today. I love you keep going


Suze: And she's gonna listen to the podcast.


Suze: What an honor that is. So Sia, hopefully you're listening and you are hearing this. And when I read that, I have to tell you, oh my God,


Suze: I didn't even know what to do with it because I just couldn't even believe it.


Suze: You know, you may not understand, but for a recording artist, the stature of Sia


Suze: to do something like that is a really big deal.


Suze: And so one of the surprises that I've been talking to you about on the videos on the women and money app as well as when I've been just posting things everywhere. And the hint in that app


Suze: is that when you've been seeing me lately, you've been hearing this song unstoppable behind me. So the announcement is for this year, our new theme song for the Women and Money podcast is going to be Unstoppable.


MUSIC: (part of Unstoppable by Sia plays)


Suze: Now, if you listen to the theme song,


Suze: I just want you to hear me read the words that you are listening to


Suze: and they go like this. It's obviously the chorus of the song.


Suze: I'm unstoppable. I'm a Porsche with no brakes. I'm invincible. Yeah, I win every single game. I'm so powerful. I don't need batteries to play, I'm so confident. Yeah, I'm unstoppable today.


Suze: I love that phrase. I mean, oh my God, a Porsche with no brakes. That means you're just really going for it and you're going for it fast and you're invincible and you win every single game and you're powerful. You don't need batteries to play and you're so confident.


Suze: That is what I want for every single one of you.


Suze: Hopefully you'll go back and listen to the whole song.


Suze: Because even though it's from around 2016 it is a song that is so relevant today, given what's happening in the economy, what's happening in the world, what's happening in politics.


Suze: Our goal this year is to not let anybody stop us on any level. Next.


Suze: The other thing that I refused to be unstoppable about


Suze: was finding a way for all of you to buy Treasury Bills notes or bonds if you want.


Suze: In such a way that it was easy for you.


Suze: And it was very difficult to do because even if you went and you did it at a discount brokerage firm,


Suze: it's not so easy. Even though I said it was easy. All of you didn't think it was that easy because you were writing me Suze, there's got to be another way besides going to Treasury direct dot Gov, which is absolutely archaic if you ask me or taking money out of an account that you already have somewhere and opening up an account at a discount brokerage firm so that you could do what


Suze: So that you could buy treasuries. So,


Suze: I decided


Suze: I'm going to be unstoppable. And I asked Alliant Credit Union


Suze: for the people who have the Ultimate opportunity savings account to please find a way for them to not have to withdraw money from the Alliant Credit Union


Suze: and go and open up an account somewhere else because they want to buy Treasury bills, because I've been telling everybody to do so,


Suze: I want you Alliant Credit Union to figure this out.


Suze: And guess what?


Suze: Starting February 1, if you have an ultimate opportunity, savings account at Alliant Credit Union


Suze: through that account, you can absolutely start to purchase Treasury bills, notes or bonds. However, remember right now, I only want you buying three month Treasury bills, the maximum six month treasury bills. That's what I want you to be doing. I do not want you to go out further than that. Six months right now are at around 4.8%.


Suze: So I will have more details for you exactly how you do this.


Suze: But I just wanted to tell you that


Suze: Because that is going to be a really big deal. So stop, if you are taking money out of your Alliant Credit Union account to go buy Treasury somewhere else, you're going to be able to do it through Alliant Credit Union. Now,


Suze: if you don't have an Alliant Credit Union account and you want to do this, you want a place that you can get 2.7% interest on your money. But even more than that, you want to be able to be part of all the offerings that we will be bringing you this year. Such as being able to buy


Suze: Treasury Bill Bond or Notes.


Suze: Should I give you another little hint of other things coming? They'll kill me if I do this.


Suze: How would you feel if you were able to open a Roth IRA and be totally protected because the only thing you could hold in there would be either certificates of deposit or Treasuries


Suze: And you won't be tempted to put your money in the market by some financial advisor who wants to make commission off of you or whatever it may be. Just think about that. What if we can, we haven't yet, figured out a way for your kids, your minors to be able to participate in the ultimate opportunity savings account where they could put in a sum of money every month and they could get a bonus just like you did.


Suze: Also for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about. The ultimate opportunity savings account originally started with


Suze: put in $100 a month every month for 12 consecutive months. And at the end of that 12 months you will be given $100 by Alliant Credit Union. That's still an incredible deal. So for those of you who are struggling to save money, this


Suze: is the way that you should do it. To open up an ultimate opportunity savings account so that everything will be in place to take advantage of all the things that are going to be coming your way this year. Hopefully if we can make it work,


Suze: you have to have an ultimate opportunity savings account with Alliant Credit Union. Because it's only people who have the Suze account, the ultimate opportunity savings account that are going to get to participate in the things that I am creating with Alliant Credit Union. Again, you would go to my


Suze: Aliant dot com, M Y A L L I A N T dot com. And that is where you become a member of Alliant Credit Union,


Suze: it does not cost you anything to do so. And then you deposit money and you will get to participate in many of the things coming up this year


Suze: that are really, really fabulous. Alright. Those were the two surprises that I wanted to tell you about


Suze: Now, I want you to take out your Suze  notebooks


Suze: and I want you to write down


Suze: any possible way that you stopped yourself. You stopped yourself from asking somebody for something that you really wanted from them


Suze: and therefore you stopped yourself because you were afraid that they were going to say no,


Suze: I want you to think about that for a second


Suze: because remember our theme


Suze: this year is unstoppable.


Suze: That is our theme song now.


Suze: And we have all got to live a life where we stop ourselves from not doing that, which we want to do, not asking others for that, which we want to ask them to stop being afraid that somebody may say no to us. Whatever that situation, maybe for a raise, a job promotion, I don't care what it is.


Suze: You cannot stop yourself anymore.


Suze: You have got to go for it. So the very first thing I want you to do is like I said, I want you to write down


Suze: anything that you could remember that you wanted to go for. But you were afraid because you thought the answer would be no. Next, and this may even be a harder one, believe it or not.


Suze: I want you to write down


Suze: anyway that you have stopped yourself from doing that which you know you should do to become a better you


Suze: Whether it's you know, you should save more money, but you stopped yourself,


Suze: you know you should exercise every day, but you stopped yourself.


Suze: You know, you should get out of the relationship that you're in. But you have stopped yourself, you really love somebody and you want to tell them that you love them but you're afraid maybe that they don't love you back and you have stopped yourself.


Suze: You have given money to a friend


Suze: because you were afraid to say no that they wouldn't like you. So you stopped respecting yourself because you did something out of fear


Suze: rather than love for who you are.


Suze: I want all of you to write down


Suze: the ways that you have stopped yourself


Suze: from being all you are meant to be.


Suze: Now what's very funny is recently, just the other day, it may have been even yesterday


Suze: when all of this was happening,


Suze: I got a text from a doctor who I have formed a very, very close relationship with Dr Roy, that's his first name and Dr Roy is one of my surgeons that took my gallbladder out just actually a few months ago.


Suze: But we have formed a very close relationship and I know he's listening to this right now and he's going to be like, what is Suze going to say? I'm not going to stop here doc. Here we go. And I got this text from him and I just want to read it to you.


Suze: He says. So one of my passions is reading books, non-medical and I'd like to go to the gym to do some kind of exercise yoga, like weights, cardio etcetera. I wasn't getting much time to do either with work, the baby and the dog. I tried to wake up at five a.m. But it just didn't work.


Suze: A few months ago, I decided it was enough and I can't let circumstances dictate my life. So now I wake up at four a.m. to read a book for 45 minutes. Then I meditate and exercise for an hour. My life has changed exclamation mark. Not because I have started to do again what I love. Listen closely everybody now,


Suze: but because I proved to myself that my circumstances can't tell me what I can or can't do


Suze: Dr Roy is now unstoppable. So with Dr Roy's story in mind,


Suze: I want you to go back to your Suze  notebook now and I want you to just pick out one thing that you stopped yourself from doing


Suze: or that you were afraid to do when you stopped because you thought the person was going to say, no, I want you to just pick out one of the things that you put down on your list


Suze: and I want you to do it


Suze: today. Not tomorrow, not a week from now, but today


Suze: Today, everybody, because today is the day that we all start being unstoppable.


Suze: So do you understand why this theme song is so very important?


Suze: I hope you absolutely enjoyed it.


Suze: I just want to thank once again from the bottom of my heart, the people at Crush music to make everything possible for us to do this. And Sia...


Suze: I don't even know how to thank you


Suze: not because you allowed me to use the theme song. I want to thank you


Suze: for all you have done with your work, who you are


Suze: and the message of empowerment that is instilled in every piece of music that you have created.


Suze: So thank you for making this world a more honest


Suze: and loving place.


Suze: Until Thursday, when the truly unstoppable Ever Ready bunny joins us again, I'm telling you everybody, there is no way to stop KT. No way possible. No matter how powerful you may think I am, there's no way


Suze: I can never stop her. She just goes and goes and goes until she lays her most beautiful head down on her pillow and in two seconds she is sound asleep and I'm like, oh, but I wanted to talk and she is in slumber, lamb! Oh and speaking of my little Ever eady bunny,


Suze: what are you doing in here?


KT: Hi, Suze! Today's a special day. It's an auspicious day.


Suze: I know today I introduced our new theme song!


KT: It's the Lunar New Year and we have to wish everyone Happy New Year. And it's also your Lucky Year, Suze, you are the year of the Rabbit, you are a rabbit. And it's Don's birthday. Our brother in law, Don the daddy of Travis and Sophia


KT: has a very special birthday today.


Suze: Oh happy birthday Don and happy New Year to everybody. Alright, KT, well now that you're here, is there anything else that you want to say to everybody? Do you love our new theme song, Can you believe Sia did that for us?


KT: I think she's fabulous and I love the words to tell. I mean the lyrics are great.


Suze: Yes, earlier you weren't here for that, but I did. I read


Suze: the, you know, actual words and the lyrics. So I love this line. You know, my favorite line is I'm a Porsche without brakes, right Colo When I played there for him said a Porsche, I said you know the car and he was...


KT: I like part that says I don't need batteries to play.


Suze: I know, I love it. So again, so grateful to Sia and all of her managers and the people that Crush and everybody that allowed this to happen. So until


Suze: I'm signing off now, KT! No, no, you can stay here for this. No, stay for one more second, KT! It's so sweet to see your little face. So, until Thursday when you join me again, Miss Travis on Ask KT and Suze Anything podcast. There's really one thing that we want every single day that all of you need to repeat and it is what


Suze: today, wherever we go, we will create a peaceful, joyful and loving world. Alright, everybody Now you stay safe and don't let anything or anybody ever stop you from being who you are meant to be. See you Thursday. Bye bye.

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