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Can I Afford It?

Suze Orman Show T-shirt Swags

If you’re chosen to be on the segment, you will earn a badge of honor – “I was approved by Suze Orman,” or “I was denied by Suze Orman” t-shirt!

Whether it’s skydiving lessons, swimming with sharks, a $150K yacht, or $4K to attend Elf School in Iceland (yes, really) there’s no item too big, small or unusual for Suze. The more unique the better! Remember, she’s not going to judge, just look at your numbers and give you her stamp of Approved! Or Denied!

Here are some other examples:

  • Season tickets to a sporting event or concert
  • A piece of art
  • Dance Lessons
  • Designer Clothing
  • A sports car
  • Home renovation
  • iPhone or iPod
  • Sauna

It can be anything!

We don’t need a lot of detail, but please answer the questions in the form at the right.

What do you want to buy and why?
How much does it cost?
How would you pay for it?

Be a part of Suze’s most popular segment...fill out the form below.

Is there something that you’ve been dreaming of doing or owning but you aren’t sure if you can afford it? Suze wants to hear from you.

Please only respond if you want to be a guest on The Suze Orman Show!

Halloween is creeping up quickly and Suze is looking for some ghoulfriends & boofriends to be on her Can I Afford It, Halloween spooktacular! She is looking for fun, strange, and just plain weird items, so tell us what you want to buy, and you could be getting a call to be on the show!


Can I Afford It? Jr.

People First. Then Money. Then Things.
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