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Can I Afford It? Holiday Gifts 2013!

The holidays will be here before you know it – and so will the Suze Orman Show’s annual Holiday Gifts Can I Afford It? Special!

Whether you're creating your gift-giving list for the holidays, or your wish list of what YOU want from your loved one, you need to know if you can afford it or not! 

Do you want to buy the perfect gifts for your family & friends without breaking the bank?

Is your spouse or partner already starting to hint about what they want - and you’re not sure if you can swing it? 

Or maybe it's YOU who has a gift in mind, and you want to prove to your spouse/partner that they can afford it?

We’re looking for callers of all ages who want Suze’s approval before they take the leap to buy, or her denial so they have a good reason NOT to buy! 

Can I Afford It? Holiday Gifts 2013!


Tech Trends: smartphones, smart TVs, iPads, mini iPads, computers, laptops, electronic readers & other electronics

Big Ticket items: Cars, motorcycles, jewelry, watches, furs, home theater systems, designer handbags 

Retail Therapy: Clothing, accessories, shoes, a shopping spree, sporting goods, athletic/exercise equipment

What Kids Want: Game systems like Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS & Wii, Sony Playstation 3, hot toys like a Furby, games, stuffed animals, radio controlled cars & helicopters, the latest sneakers, new pets.

Home for the Holidays: Gifts for the home like cookware, furniture, art, rugs, fireplaces, room renovations, game room items, home gyms

Gifts of Experience: Skydiving lessons, car racing, vacations, culinary classes, concert tickets, High-end dining,

It’s Personal: One-of-a-kind, unique or personal gifts. The more unusual, the better!

Whatever it may be, whatever the price-point, let Suze guide you to making the right decision so you can have a joyous holiday without financial stress.

Come be on the show then join Suze on Saturday, December 7th at 9p ET on CNBC for the special!

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