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Open Enrollment Season: 4 MUST-DO's

October 08, 2015
Please don’t keep your health insurance on autopilot. I know it’s tempting just to ignore the annual “open enrollment” communications from your employer to review your choices, and just stick with the plan you have. That could be a costly mistake. Here are 4 reasons to spend some time reviewing your employer-provided health insurance choices:
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Health Insurance: 3 Reasons You Should Pick the HSA Option

October 01, 2015
About half of large employers now offer a high-deductible health insurance plan (HDHP). I know the mere mention of “high deductible” might send your blood pressure skyward, but please listen to me. For many of you, a HDHP may be the smartest health insurance.
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What You Need to Know About Social Security “Going Broke.”

September 24, 2015
You know that I think it is smart to delay taking Social Security as long as possible, so you can then receive the biggest possible Social Security payout. But I often hear from many of you that you are worried this doesn’t make sense, because you stand to lose out because Social Security is “going broke.” The going broke message is the favored phrase among politicians who are more interested in fear mongering than facts.
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3 Rules for Doling Out Allowances

September 17, 2015
Parents, we have a problem. So many of you make a mess out of allowances. You reward the wrong thing, and totally miss out on the big picture: beginning to teach your child about the value of money. Here are my 3 Suze-Approved Rules for Allowances:
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Student Loan Alert: Beware the Cost of Capitalization on Unsubsidized Staffords

September 07, 2015
Attention all college freshman, and returning students! If you have taken out an unsubsidized federal Stafford loan to help pay for college, I am betting you are making a big financial mistake. My big question for you: Are you making the interest payments on the loan while you’re in school? If you just answered no, that’s the big mistake. And to be honest, it’s an easy one to make.
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