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How Not To Go Off The Financial Gift Cliff For The Holidays

December 14, 2012 at 9:23 PM

Whenever you feel fear about spending money that should be a sign that you're spending money you don't have to possibly even impress people you don't even know or like.

Always remember the holiday season is about giving. True giving is giving joy is giving time is giving appreciation showing true love for others.

If you are buying something for somebody and you have to put it on your 21% credit card and you can only pay the minimum payment due every time the bill comes in here is what I want you to get. Chances are the person that you're giving the gift to won't even remember what you gave them next year but yet you'll still be paying for that gift for the next 5 to 10 years or more.

Also if you do buy a gift and have to put it on your credit card at 21% interest and can only pay the minimum payment due every month when the bill comes in by the time you have really paid for that gift it could cost you triple. So If you're buying a $50 sweater look at that sweater and know in your situation it's going to cost you $150 because in fact it could. Is it really worth it.

Also here's the big thing that you really need to understand. If you don't have money and you're buying a gift for somebody chances are they don't have money either. If you give them a gift they're going to feel obligated to give you a gift back. Now you're both going to have to put those gifts on your credit cards and you're both going to be spending money that really neither of you can afford it. So you have to remember a gift a true gift is not only a gift fir the person that you're giving it but it's a gift to yourself as well. Gifts you can't afford will never be a true gift to yourself.

Now try this. Go up to people and simply asked them what were you given last year for Christmas. Watch the look on their face. I'm here to tell you chances are they will not even remember. So they can't even remember and yet you're still paying for that gift really people- do you think that's smart.

How Not To Go Over The Financial Gift Cliff For The Holidays

Why not use this time to talk to all of your friends and all of you decide not to buy each other gifts. Why not decide to each put $10 into a fund and give it to a non profit. You might want to go through your home and find. 

Everything that you haven't used for the past six months or a year or those items that still have price tags on it or are in the boxes that you purchased them in. Gather them and put them in the middle of your living room floor.

Now invite all your friends over for them to go through your stuff that you no longer want but that they may absolutely just love. You never know when your junk could be somebody else's treasure. They can do this as well. All the stuff that remains you just take it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or other non profit. Make sure you keep track of the value of what you are giving to the nonprofit so if you itemize your taxes you can get a tax write off. Now that's Uncle Sam giving you a gift.

So many ways that you can make this holiday I truthfully financially enjoyable one not only for you but for all those in your situation as well.

Merry Merry Christmas everyone,

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