Suze is the single most successful fundraiser
in the history of public television.


  • Suze Orman's
    Women & Money Podcast

    Suze is currently releasing new podcasts weekly in Season 2 of her acclaimed Women & Money Podcast.


  • The Suze Orman Show

    During its 13 years on the network Suze’s show was the highest-rated CNBC-produced show on the network. It not only aired here in the United States but in 18 countries throughout the world as well. This show earned Suze 8 Gracie awards.

  • PBS Specials

    Suze wrote, produced and hosted 9 PBS specials that have raised over 200 million dollars for Public Television and garnered Suze two Emmy awards

  • HSN Broadcasting
    Television Network

    Suze currently hosts her own 1-hour show on HSN, bringing you financial tools so you can be more and have more. Her bestselling Must Have Documents program has allowed millions to easily create a will and trust, along with other important legal docs needed to secure their financial future.

  • QVC Network

    After 20 years of hosting, Suze has since returned to QVC to bring you the tools needed to protect your tomorrow's today. Tune in and learn why you need a will and trust.

  • Suze &
    Oprah Winfrey

    OWN Network which is very near and dear to Suze’s heart, kicked off the creation of the network with Oprah’s All-Stars featuring Suze, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

    Suze also created a six week course on Money for OWN called The Money Class.

    She appeared with Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey Show with approximately 29 full-hour shows. Click here to watch a special episode titled Where Are They Now that features Suze.

  • CNN’s Larry King Live - Suze appeared over 30 times as a special guest, as well as on the final airing with Larry as one of his favorite guests.

  • Other TV

    Suze has also been a regular guest on The View, Anderson Cooper 360, NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, and served as a financial contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America GMA.

    One of Suze’s favorite television appearances was via Kristen Wiig who spoofed Suze numerous times on Saturday Night Live

    Suze’s a Simpson! She was a featured educator in The Simpsons "Caper Chase," which aired in April of 2017.


  • The Suze Orman Show
  • Launched in 2001 on Premier Radio and was broadcast live in New York City for several years.