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Personal Fund

This site provides the most extensive information on fees and the effect they will have on your fund's performance. 

Smart Money

This site has daily mutual fund recommendations and personal financial research. 


Quicken has basic information and research tools to help you find and evaluate mutual funds. 

Mutual Fund Connection Investment Company

A good place to continue your education of how mutual funds work. 


Vanguard is a great educational site on the subject of mutual funds. 


Find general and specific information on mutual funds. 

Brill's Mutual Funds Interactive

Investors Business Daily

Barrons (weekly)
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
200 Burnett Road
Chicopee, MA 01020
(800) 975-8255
The "Quarterly Mutual Fund Record" provides 10-year statistics: net asset value per share; 12-month dividends from income; and capital gains distributions (these figures appear in the February, May, August, and November issues).

Business Week (weekly)
P.O. Box 421
Hightown, NJ 08520
(800) 635-1200
The annual mutual funds issue examines the best-performing , funds (this usually appears in February).

CDA Mutual Fund Report
CDA Investment Technologies, Inc.
1355 Piccard Drive, Suite 220
Rockville, MD 20850
(800) 232-6362
This statistical service presents risk-adjusted return figures on all mutual funds listed in the financial media, including statistics on fund performances during various periods and market cycles.

CDA/Wiesenberger Mutual Funds Update (monthly)
CDA Investment Technologies, Inc.
1355 Piccard Drive, Suite 220
Rockville, MD 20850
(800) 232-6362
This publication provides detailed performance review and analysis of mutual funds, money market funds, and closed-end funds. The subscription price includes the annual Panorama, a guide and directory to mutual funds, including 10 years of performance data.

Directory of Mutual Funds
Investment Company Institute
1401 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 326-5800
This directory provides a listing of some 3,000 mutual funds, both load and no-load.

Forbes (bi-monthly)
Forbes, Inc.
60 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(800) 888-9896
The August or September issue provides statistics and ratings of mutual funds.

The Handbook for No-Load Fund Investors (annual)
The No-Load Fund Investor, Inc.
P.O. Box 318
Irvington, NY 10533
(914) 693-7420
This handbook provides a solid explanation of how to invest in mutual funds, including tables of mutual fund performance and a directory of no-load and closed-end funds.

The Individual Investors Guide to Top Mutual Funds
American Association of Individual Investors
625 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 280-0170

All AAII members receive a comprehensive book that includes a detailed analysis of no-load mutual funds, including their historical performance, statistical summaries, fund objectives and services, the name of the portfolio manager, fund addresses and telephone, numbers, as well as strategies for winning mutual fund investing. (Please note: The no-load guide is published annually, in May. It is free to members, $19 for each additional member copy; the non-member price is $24.95.)

Money Magazine (monthly)
P.O. Box 60001
Tampa, FL 33660
(800) 633-9970
A special issue that appears early in the year provides mutual fund rankings by category.

Morningstar Mutual Fund Morningstar, Inc.
53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 460
Chicago, IL 60604
(800) 735-0700
Published every other week, and similar to the Value Line stock reports, this invaluable service delivers reports on individual mutual funds.

Mutual Funds Almanac
IBC/Donahue Inc.
290 Eliot Street
Box 91004
Ashland, MA 01721
(800) 343-5413
The Mutual Funds Almanac includes 10-year performance figures, fund objectives, sales charges, minimum investment, redemption fees, year organized, and yield.

Mutual Fund Distributions
Internal Revenue Service
Publication #564
(800) 829-3676
This IRS publication explains in detail the tax implications for mutual fund ownership.

Mutual Fund Fact Book (annual)
Investment Company Institute
1401 H. Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 326-5800
This book provides 10-year statistical data on some 3,000 mutual funds, broken down by investment objective.

Mutual Fund Sourcebook (annual)
Morningstar, Inc.
53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 460
Chicago, IL 60604
(800) 735-0700
This sourcebook provides performance and risk ratings on load and no-load mutual funds, as well as information on each fund.

Quarterly No-Load Mutual Fund Update (quarterly)
American Association of Individual Investors
625 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 280-1070
This update provides the fund performance of more than 600 no- load and low-load mutual funds by quarter over the last year, as -well as over the most recent three- and five-year periods. In addition, the update provides the difference between a mutual fund's performance and that of an average of funds with the same objective, as well as the risk index, yield, and expense ratios. Also included are lists of top-performing funds and the performances of major indices. (Please note: This information is also available on computer disk with a menu-driven program; $24 to AAII members, $39 with computer disk; $30 to nonmembers, $50 with computer disk.

Standard & Poors Stock Guide (monthly)
Standard & Poor's Corporation
25 Broadway
New York, NY 10064
This comprehensive stock manual contains some mutual fund in- formation, including net asset value, minimum initial purchase required, maximum sales charge, price record, and yield from investment income.

Most mutual funds require an initial investment of $500 -$3,000. But the following funds allow you to invest with minimums as small as $25 to $100. You must invest at least the minimum each month and the monthly minimum can be deducted directly from your checking or savings account.









Heartland Funds






T. Rowe Price






Highmark Funds



Neuberger Berman



Monetta Young Investor Fund


(800) 544-9797

(800) 525-3713

T. Rowe Price 
(800) 638-5660

(800) 662-7447

(949) 720-6000

(800) 842-2252

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