Happiness is Always Affordable

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December 28, 2017

As we head into a new year, I am sending my wishes for a year full of happiness, to all of you.

I know your life is busy. I know there are likely some stresses. Not every day is going to be full of sunshine. But throughout you have the power to be happy. You deserve to be happy.

And yet so many of you think happiness is outside your grasp. I am always floored (that’s the polite way of saying, annoyed) when I am talking to groups and I get this routine question: “Suze, I would be happier if I had more money and could afford to do more with my money. How can I make more money?”

I try not to get too worked up, but any of you who have come to hear me speak, know this when I get a bit animated. This way of thinking makes me crazy.

People, please listen to me: Money will not make you happy.

Yes, you need to have enough money to pay your basic living costs. But making more money, having more money than that does not in any way guarantee you will be happier.

I know plenty of very wealthy people. They are so not happy.

Please do yourself a huge favor and stop thinking that your life will only be more when you have more. This is the year you can avoid that trap and become happier, starting today.

The truth is, happiness doesn’t cost anything.

Happiness comes from our relationships. Happiness is waiting for you in the time you spend with loved ones. It is not a function of what you spend on loved ones.

Happiness comes from celebrating what you have today, and not getting all worked up about what you don’t have.

Happiness is the one asset you can create through your thoughts, and your actions.

May this be the year you give yourself the gift of happiness.

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