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April 23, 2020

If ever there was a time when we need to come together to learn from each other and support one another, it is right now.

And I have just the app for all of us to gather together. My new Suze Orman Women & Money Community App is now available, for free on Google Play and Apple.

For those of you who keep telling me that you miss my old cable show, well, now you can catch me livestreaming on the app.

Got questions for me? Of course you do! The app is where you can send me a question. I am committed to answering as many as possible directly. Promise. Often many of you have similar questions. That’s what the livestreams are for, or I will post a short note to share my answers.

You can also search through questions (and my answers) I have already answered on my Women & Money podcast (BTW, you can also listen to the podcast through the app too).

I am also so excited that the app has different “community” channels arranged by topics. My hope is that you will join communities that interest you, share your stories—the challenges, the wins—and, in the friendships we form in these communities, build the courage and strength to move forward in our lives.

I hope to see you soon on the app.

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Download from Apple 

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