Podcast Episode - Gone Fishin’ with Suze, KT & JB


December 25, 2022

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On this special Christmas episode, Suze and KT have their dear friend and neighbor, Jimmy Buffett, over to the Island studio for a conversation about fishing and other fun stuff!

Podcast Transcript:


Suze: December 25th


KT: Christmas!


Suze: 2022 Baby.


Suze: Here we go.


KT: This is wait. Today is a really fun day. Suze has some surprises for everyone. We have surprises. So a couple of weeks ago we were fishing and you know it's wahoo season and we're out there and we're catching and we're having fun.


KT: And all of a sudden we run into one of our very good friends, another fishermen, we're fisher women, another island fishermen. And I said, hey come on in and have fun with Suze in her studio.


KT: And he it's a he and he said really? And I said, yeah, we've never had a guest in her studio. She doesn't let anyone in the island studio come on in and let's have fun, let's talk fishing. There you go.


Suze: And so what you need to know is that so a few weeks ago he came in, he sat down with us and I have to say KT, he probably loves fishing more than anything else he does.  (Music)


Jimmy: Who's who's that


Suze: You think that's true?


Jimmy: Yeah, kind of


Suze: Yeah, kind of. Yeah. Today we have a really, really special day for all of you. You know, we don't have guests at all on the Women and Money podcast.


Jimmy: Never. No,


Suze: no, but today


Jimmy: I'm a listener and I know I'm the first guest? I'm honored.


Suze: Pretty much in person here. We have Mr.


KT: Jimmy Buffett. We got JB in the house house now we should say we got JB on the island. Yeah, So wait, he sailed by a couple of days ago and I said Suze, look at that. We got a real catcherman, let's catch that boy and bring him in our studio and have some fun.


Jimmy: Yeah, but that net when you got me in the net, it hurt.


Jimmy: I mean y'all could have been a little gentler when you dragged me ashore


Suze: And we're gonna have to get a picture of the three of us here because they're not going to believe it's really you, you know.


Jimmy: No they won't, they won't believe you.


Suze: They're always like, Suze is that real? You know when I put a picture the other day up of the wahoo, somebody says that's a barracuda and I'm like, are you kidding me?


Jimmy: No, we can't. And to think of it is I'm the lucky guy because


Jimmy: you brought me fish.


Suze: Oh yeah,


Jimmy: Not only fish, but but wahoo done so well.


Jimmy: I want to know


Jimmy: how you got that seared on the outside like that and so melt in your mouth. On the inside.


KT: It was ginger. Did you taste the ginger I shredded on top. Wasn't that delicious? So good.


Jimmy: But then the key lime pie, come on.


KT: Homemade key lime.


Suze: KT loves to cook for JB. She cooks for him a lot. He had banana bread for breakfast this morning. Yeah. Yeah.


Jimmy: I mean, you know, y'all are just down the street and so I got to go back and do a little work now. So but you know, I love you working out of your house because I do that too.


Suze: Right, so the other day I'm sitting in our loggia and I'm on my little iPhone, who knows what I was doing and I look up and there's this thing


Suze: in front of me with this like black helmet with this little, you know, camera coming out of the head and all you can see is this and he's looking over at me, I'm going, who the heck is that? It was J. B. Then of course he just jumped over the gate.


KT: Jimmy, jumped up a five foot wall. Alright? He jumped off his paddleboard, jumped on the wall, came running over and said, hey Suze, what's up?


Suze: But here's the thing everybody, you're always wanting to know why would I have left the Suze Orman show everything I was doing. Close it all down a few years ago to come to this little island to learn how to fish and since none of you really have understood that I thought, I know we're going to ask JB here


Suze: what he loves so much about fishing and maybe you'll believe him. And when you hear it from him.


Jimmy: Well it all started out as a child of the gulf coast. I grew up along the gulf coast in Mobile and Fair Hope Alabama. So I was raised on that, that bottled water. So I fished with my dad from being a kid. It was just part of what I did,


Jimmy: but it was, you know, that was kind of just dropped fishing for croakers and sheep heads. But I was always fishing with him and as I got older, I ran into, when I got to Key West, what got me into it was fly fishing seemed very interesting and difficult. This kind of, it was something that you just couldn't go out there and do and it kind of appealed to me to try to do it and I I knew people that were,


Jimmy: you know, my brother in law is a prime example, somebody who's a really classic fly fishing guy and I liked... what I liked about it is you're you're walking on the water basically when you're in the flats, it's kind of sounds, you know, like it's not Nazareth not to sea him Nazareth, but it could have been flats, you


Jimmy: know,


Jimmy: that walking on water could have had a little,


Suze: yeah,


Jimmy: We know there's low tide of so, but it's the fact that it was, it's so still out there and you get on the flats and you kind of into that you feel really kind of attached to


Jimmy: everything when you're, when you're all by yourself walking and you're basically walking on the water and you're fishing. That that really appealed to me and but I love to get on a boat and catch, catch a tuna every now and then we'll keep one and eating, but most of them we start putting them back in and it's just always been there and getting over here and coming to this place when we always come through and clear here on our sailboats many years ago. And then


Jimmy: it just was so such an easy place to come to from Florida. And the gulf stream has always been, you know from my Key West days that piece of water and being in the Bahamas has always, you know, I longed for to get get here a long time ago. So and I just love the Bahamas and the sailed up and down the fished


Jimmy: and that's what I do when I'm not working.


KT: Isn't it the prettiest water in world? you've been all around the world


Jimmy: There's yes it is. And and even here I'd say the Exumas to me those islands that we go to because there's good fishing in those islands but it's so beautiful there. The place that comes to places come close. One of them would be off


Jimmy: Byron Bay but that's way down. It's lovely. But it's in Australia. The other are the San Blas Islands in Panama are my favorite. It's still the indians still have that and they they they farm all those islands and coconuts and it's just the beautiful those, those are the three kind of prettiest pieces of water that I that I've been yet.


Suze: So I'm sure KT if I were to ask you


Suze: what's the one fishing experience that you'll never forget as long as you live, what would it be


KT: Salmon fishing.


Suze: No, no for here in the Bahamas.


Suze: Oh when we caught like 10 wahoo one day in one day,


Jimmy: 10 Wahoo in a day.


Suze: In a day.


KT: And then she stopped because she did not want to over fish that fish.


Jimmy: No. And then you fed the island that you know, we all feed the island.


KT: We fed the island. We genuinely feed this island and they love it


Jimmy: So, I have a question for you two. So


Jimmy: because we are such in in wahoo land and so gifted because a lot of people don't get to see or catch or eat those kind of fish. What's your favorite fish to eat?


KT: I, I know mine.


Suze: What's yours?


KT: You're gonna both laugh Suze won't remember, my favorite eating fish is a porgie.


Suze: I was going to say that!


KT: Look, he doesn't believe me. I love porgies.


Jimmy: I love porgies too!


KT: They're like butter, like butter. They're delicious. The way I cook a porgie, is fabulous.


KT: Tell everybody what a porgie is.


KT: A porgie is not really big. It's maybe


KT: about 10


KT: Or 12". It has a little blue dot


KT: like under its some mouth and that's how you by the first fin. That's how you know, it's a porgie . Kind of a a roundish flat fish. But I love them. It takes forever to, to make a batch of them because you have to fillet like 20 of them. But I also, we catch salmon. We go salmon fishing during the season in July in Alaska and BC British Columbia.


KT: I also love my Yellow eye, Yellowtail, I love, I love


KT: mutton snapper


KT: baby. I love mahi. Suze that's your favorite. Right?


Suze: Actually here's the truth. Ready for this one?


Jimmy: Im ready, I'm sitting down.


Suze: I don't like eating fish.


KT: She likes catchem and she's not a big fish fan. I can have fish every day.


Jimmy: I didn't know this. That's why we get all the fish to our house. Well thank you very much for not eating my fish.


Suze: I'll eat it,  but I love finding them. Yeah, I love catching them.


Suze: I love sharing them with everybody.


Jimmy: And don't you think everybody who fishes that I know loves to cook too. Yeah. Most people just...


Suze: Katie doesn't like to cook.


Jimmy: Well you got a good cook here.


KT: I can grill... you know, Jimmy yesterday when you were out. I think you were out on the paddleboard. I went in and snorkeled with Colo up towards


KT: yeah, towards your house. And we caught two lobster. I said that's enough. I'm gonna go make some lunch. I'm gonna boil them up, make a lobster roll. Put a little butter on it and yeah baby. Oh yeah, two lobster,


Jimmy: Not bad. Living down here is it?


KT: No, never go hungry.


Jimmy: My favorite fish before. That was I grew up on... because I loved flounder and we would gig flounders in the bay and that was always my favorite fish until


Jimmy: I got a bite of a wahoo and then it's just...


Suze: You know people don't know what a wahoo is?


Jimmy: Well it's it's in the it's in the same category is like uh big uh cuda and then also


Jimmy: mackerel. Yeah, but


Jimmy: they're bigger and they're faster as you all know.


KT: And the meat is delicious


Jimmy: and it is, it really is


KT: white, firm, fabulous, but


Suze: Really difficult to catch.


Suze: Really.


Suze: It's like when we say we caught one wahoo, we're so happy.


KT: We keep a calendar every season of our wahoo and we photograph them and


Jimmy: I wait for y'all to come in and we see every day waiting for the photos, you know.


Suze: But here's what's so interesting about us and fishing. When we first started,


Suze: we never even held a fishing pole. So for two years, Jimmy, we went right out here like right here, not even through the cut because we were afraid to go through this cut. You have to go through this place to get out into the ocean to catch wahoo. We didn't take our boat there right? And we caught for two years laying snapper and porgies and grunts and most people,


KT: oh my God,


Jimmy: Grits and grunts fed The Keys during the Depression.


Suze: But everybody throws them back and we would come in and we would be at the filet station filet in our little tiny fish that were maybe five inches six inches long. And all these other men would come in these fishermen And and with their big fish like four ft long and five, what is like, what is that? And they went, that's a wahoo. And we went, what's a wahoo and how do you catch  one?


Suze: And they're telling us all about you need this this lure that's like 14 inches long with a weight and you need this pole called a ling Gramp ingram or whatever it is. And we're just looking at them like what are they nuts? And none of these men


Suze: would take us out fishing except one. And that was Guillermo Kirsch, right, who said you can come out with us but you cannot touch anything.


KT: And we did and we watched and Suze and I said, we can do this right?


Jimmy: And again you do.


Suze: And then Guillermo said, I'll buy all the equipment for you. Obviously we have to pay him for it. Right? And then you can try it.


Suze: So we're out there and we catch a fish. We were doing it and we catch it. And now the two of us go into this big fight because I think it's a wahoo. She thinks it's a barracuda.


KT: Because we had a fish on the other line, which is a Mahi.


Suze: Right? So because we, right, we have a regular lines out and we come back here because we don't know even what a wahoo


Suze: really looks like, can you imagine? And we go to Ivan been on this island now for at least 45 years and we go Ivan, what is this? He goes, girls, you got yourself a wahoo and that was. But what's interesting is from that day when the men were like laughing at us kinda


Suze: to this day now when we go out they want to know where were we? What did we catch? What are the girls doing? Where did the girls go? We've turned it all around now where they're asking us versus we asking them do you love that?


Jimmy: I do you know I grew up in a house full of women. So I understand. Yeah.


Suze: So all of you listening right now if there's anything in life that you want to do, I don't care what it is. And if somebody laughs at you or they tell you you can't do it,


Suze: go for it with everything you've got because one day you'll be laughing at them. Right?


Jimmy: Yeah.


KT: So Suze looks like JB is having an itch to get out there and go fishing. What are you looking for? JB?


Jimmy: I saw a permit today but it was a little uh the sun went in and so we didn't get it.


Suze: So for those of you who don't know a permit is this fish that can be 30 or 40 or 50 lb, right Jimmy?


Jimmy: They're like they're in the jack family like amberjack and other jacks. But


Jimmy: the other the other thing about it is they get that big too. But they also small ones are pretty tasty.


Suze: Pretty tasty.


Jimmy: Buut every now and then...


Suze: You get to eat one. So but for a fly fisherman or woman it probably is the hardest fish to catch. Bar none.


Suze: And so that is what JB really wants to catch while he's here.


Jimmy: Well and then then I did something rather foolish at the time because a friend of mine and I decided that we wanted to fix... to take paddle boards and paddle board started getting uh big again when Laird Hamilton's was the one that got them all out there. We decided that we wanted to fish off of paddleboards too. So that's like twice as hard because


Jimmy: you're having to paddle, you're having to balance yourself, you're having to do all that. And but when you catch one out of there it's it's pretty amazing because you're you're you're on it by yourself. But what you see and how you know it's not as much catching is it being out in that natural environment, just I plug into that and and that's where I get song ideas or I'm just bopping around or I'll sit and think of something or I'm looking at the weather or something but it always generates


Jimmy: something else creative for me just being out there and this is... catching... catching inasmuch as it is just being there and part of it.


Suze: Right. Now all of you know a little bit different side of Mr Jimmy Buffett. If you had to choose between performing or fishing...


Jimmy: Nobody's ever asked me that.


Jimmy: Oh boy


Suze: You have to choose one or the other.


Jimmy: I gotta choose one or the other?


Suze: Yeah


Jimmy: Man, I'm not I'm not done yet.


Suze: You're not done with either of them yet you know you're not, right?


Jimmy: I'm keeping the old man out!


Suze: So you parrot heads out there, you watch for JB where he's gonna be


Jimmy: I'm coming back, I'm coming back!


Suze: He looks fabulous, he looks good he's getting everywhere where he needs to go. But I thought we would show you just a little bit different side of the Women and Money podcast with. There we go. Alright sweet heart. Alright


Jimmy: Thanks for having me, nice to see you ladies! Tight lines! Okay girls. (Music)


Suze: Alright everybody so that was our conversation that we had with JB.


KT: And guess what else? It's not just Christmas today, it's Jimmy's birthday, happy birthday Jimmy!


Suze: And a very Merry Christmas to all of you now you stay safe.


KT: Tight lines.


Suze: Bye bye now.

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