Podcast Episode - How You Can Help Others and Help Yourself

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August 21, 2022

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On this special bonus episode, Suze announces a great new opportunity where you can help those in need and get something special for yourself.

Podcast Transcript:


Suze: August 22, 2022.


Suze: Are you wondering what I'm up to today? Today's a Monday when I'm dropping this, I never drop a podcast on Monday, only on Sundays and Thursdays. So why?


Suze: Yesterday, if you had been listening to the podcast, you would have heard me hint that there was something very, very special


Suze: that the Alliant Credit Union was going to offer


Suze: that I couldn't talk about yesterday, because the official start date of it is today.


Suze: So today I get to tell you all about it. And I promise you, this is something that every single one of you,


Suze: every single one of you. Is going to want to do.


Suze: Now, what I'm going to tell you about, you can only do between today, August 22, 202, and October 7, 2022. So that's about 47 days that you have that you could take advantage of what I'm about to tell you is possible for you, as well as for others.


Suze: Before I tell you about that,


Suze: I just want you to know that this is something


Suze: that the Alliant Credit Union, we've been working on it, for a long, long time.


Suze: And we've been working on it for the following reason.


Suze: It is no secret that in times when inflation is really high,


Suze: and your expenses are going up, and when your expenses go up, that means you don't have as much money to possibly give $10 here or $20 here or whatever it may be to charities,


Suze: and especially if jobs are starting to be laid off, which they are, and if possibly we're going to have a recession, which we very well could be,


Suze: charities suffer. Charities that really need money to take care of those who don't have money to take care of themselves. And you know, this has been a very big issue for me lately. Because all of you have written in to tell me Suze, you're so lucky you have money. And even though you haven't been healthy, and you've been through all of these things, at least you have money.


Suze: We don't have money to help ourselves. We can't do anything. And unless somebody helps us, some nonprofit, we don't know what to do.


Suze: And so we looked out there at what main areas really are most affected.


Suze: What main areas of your life really to all of you seem to need a lot of help with. And the areas that we came up with were cancer, Alzheimer's, and disabilities.


Suze: And the three organizations, the nonprofits that really work hard to help others, are the Alzheimer's Association, the American Cancer Society, and Easter Seals.


Suze: So the question came up, how can we help you?


Suze: The listener, you, everyone of you. Continue in essence to be paid to save what we started with the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account a year and a half ago,


Suze: at the same time that we can help nonprofits. How can that be done? 00:04:01

Suze: So I want you to listen very closely, because finally after a lot of work, the perfect investment vehicle was created to accomplish both of those things.


Suze: If you simply go to myalliant.com/good,


Suze: you will find out exactly how to sign up for this and how it works. But I will tell you right now a broad overview of it.


Suze: You just simply have to open up this checking account through myalliant.com/good,


Suze: and if you just put in immediately $100, that's it. Just $100 right now. Remember you have to do this by October seventh. Otherwise this isn't open anymore.


Suze: If you simply put in $100 and you leave it there


Suze: until February, the end of February 2023,


Suze: and every single month from now until the end of February 2023, you do an electronic deposit or you send in a check, whatever it is and it can be for any amount of money you want.


Suze: $5, $10m whatever you want. And you send it in


Suze: to the account that you opened up at myalliant.com/good,


Suze: at the end of February 2023,


Suze: not only will you get $100 bonus,


Suze: but one of the charities that you will have chosen,


Suze: whether it's the Alzheimer Association, the American Cancer Society or Easter Seals, Alliant is going to send them $100 as well.


Suze: I want you to think about that for a second.


Suze: May not seem like a lot,


Suze: not only do you get that $100,


Suze: but so does the charity.


Suze: We all have the ability to really make a difference right now. A seriously big difference in the lives of many people who these three charities help.


Suze: As well as helping yourselves, because if you put in $100 right now


Suze: by going to myalliant.com/good into this checking account, and then do electronic deposits every single month for whatever amount you want to put in there,


Suze: think about your return on that money when you get that $100 at the end as well.


Suze: So this is something that's great for you. You know, so many of you asked me Suze, if we continue to do the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account, will we continue to get another $100? And I had to say no. Because you already got your $100. And now you're getting 1.6% interest on it.


Suze: But now, you have the ability to get another $100 if you've already done that with the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account, by doing this. And for those of you who haven't yet opened up the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account ,


Suze: you can do both. You can get $100 from the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account by doing what? Putting in $100 a month for 12 consecutive months, leaving it there, make your 1.6% interest at the end of those 12 months, you get that $100. And you can do this as well.


Suze: So there are no restrictions on this, if you already have the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account,


Suze: unless. There is one restriction. For those of you who already opened up the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account and, you opened up a checking account as well,


Suze: you are not eligible for this offer, I'm sorry to say.


Suze: There's many legal reasons for it,


Suze: but that's what the legal eagles came back and that is the only restriction but that's alright.


Suze: Tell everybody about it. Make this one of the most successful campaigns where not only you helped yourself, but you helped others as well.


Suze: So again, just go to myalliant.com/good, you can read all about it. I want you to do that right now. Open up your account right now, fund it with $100 right now, it's good between now August 22nd, 2022 and October 7th 2022.


Suze: And let's change this world and make it a better place. Let's help others who maybe don't have the money to help themselves.


Suze: So this is something that I am really asking every single one of you to do.


Suze: Every single one of you. And whether you can afford it or not, tell people. Tweet about it. Go on Facebook, tell everybody about it. Do everything you can and have everybody go to myalliant.com/good,


Suze: and let's do some good right now for those who really need it. That's why I was so excited to tell you all about it. All right everybody let's rock this campaign and let's see what we can do. And until Thursday, there's only one thing that I really want you to do when it comes to your money, and that's to go to myalliant.com/good and open this account up today. Bye bye.


Robert: When you go to myalliant.com/good to apply for this account, if you are a current member of Alliant, you can click on the "already a member? log in" button, and that will take you right into online banking to open the checking account. Now if you are not already a member of Alliant Credit Union, what you need to do is click on the "get started" button at myalliant.com/good, and that will take you to the right place to open the checking account.


Robert: Please


Robert: know that the $100 deposit has to happen at the time you open this checking account to qualify. And, that original $100 to open this checking account can be funded from your other Alliant account.


Robert: But, the monthly electronic deposits need to be transfers from an external account. An ATM deposit, or a direct deposit.


Robert: Now. Within a day or two after you open your account, you're gonna get an email from Alliant asking you to select the charity you wish to support. Remember, this offer ends October 7, 2022.

Take advantage of the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account with Alliant Credit Union at: https://bit.ly/3vEUTZW

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