Podcast Episode - Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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December 31, 2020

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On this podcast, we thought it would be a good idea to end 2020 with some happiness. Listen as Suze and KT laugh while attempting to podcast, and pay attention all the way to the end.

Podcast Transcript:

December 31st 2020. Robert here from the women and Money podcast team. Now, as you may remember, I'm the person who edits the shown and for our final episode of the year, we thought we'd peel back the curtain a little bit and have some fun. Now to say that this year has been nuts and stressful, well, that's putting it mildly. So we thought a great way to ease ourselves into 2021 would be to end 2020 with the sound of Suze and KT laughing. You see, sometimes when Suze and KT get into their home studio, they have almost too much fun. And sometimes it's right from the moment they hit record. Are you sure you don't want to start it? Why not? Why do you find that so funny? And when I say, do you want to start it? Because I don't do that. You could. No, no, no, That's not my job. I read. I read two questions. I don't I'm not a starter, you know. I'm not a starter. Are you sure? I'll get too nervous to do an opening. Everybody. It's KT here. And I got Suze. Now, sometimes that laughter comes back when KT starts reading one of your questions. So I don't you just let Robert hear your little laugh, Is he on? He could be pn. No, he's not being recorded. Not being recorded yet. And I have to look at her. Mhm. Oh, okay. And read these questions and feel connected. Well, I wanted to do is take a nap. All right. Are we ready? Here we go. You think we could do that? Yeah, I can do it. Hi, Suze. Sure. Hi, Suze. Here. You're talking about life insurance a lot. Yeah. Yeah. You tell us. Now sometimes when these laughing fits happen, KT tries to center herself by singing What's the song? That that's impossible for that song. It's impossible. It's impossible. And what is this song exactly? It just goes with the podcast you think to Impossible? Mm. Uh huh. I've never heard you sing that song goes with the podcast. Now, it's important for me to point this out. We've set a time and time again. They don't script this show. The only thing written down are the questions that you have sent in and that KT reads on Thursdays Asked Suze anything. So when KT says, take 47 that means they got sidetracked or they started laughing and they have to pick up again. So speaking of getting sidetracked, I hate these. Don't you? See? You gave that Now I gave them back to your place. You come from the airplane and you like that. Throw away their great Well, you look at the well. You bent these all out of shape. I didn't. They don't fit in my ear. I tried to put him in. Where is the other side? We only use one. Well, why? What? I want to do that to both my air Since you've ruined and they cut my ear, I think they didn't cut your ear. *Laughing* Okay. You can’t either. Alright ready? Take 47. Take 100. You know what you're doing? Sometimes while Suze is answering a question, KT will start to laugh off mic, and then Suze will catch her. And then well, here, listen, I want to tell me why you're laughing again. KT, Why are you laughing? I don't work on Sunday. And then sometimes it goes off the rails. This'd isn't gonna work, is it? I can't when you're laughing. Alright I'm not gonna laugh. I'm not laughing. So it's you. All right? Well, you should see yourself. So So, Suze. Now, sometimes when the subject of Roths comes up, KT just can't stop laughing. Over all other types of… I can't, for instance, is because eyes because whoops I lost it. You have lost it. No, I lost that bump. Bump, bump, bump. And even when it sounds like Suze's gonna be able to get through an answer laughter is infectious. And you'll hear in this clip Suze trying to reset herself, remember? Suze doesn't write down her answers. She'll stop. Think, remember the last thing she said and try and continue, the operative word there being try. Different than a contributory Roth, alright, has to stay in there. Why we laughing now? This'll take 72. Don't write on second. But listen, I have to tell you that the money that you put into a converted Roth IRA, different than a contributory, way can do this Robert. Yeah. Okay. Freaking back to her front door convert. Right. Come on, let's just review almost there. Right, Right, Right. So But you have to remember, right? That Yes, that's the problem. No one can remember. No one can remember any of this information. I can remember. Hold on. Sometimes getting back on track is really hard. In what way? I want to know? Do you remember how I said… I'm doing a podcast with you again is long as I… I think for 20 years. The difference I stop. All right, everybody. Now, you should leave that in. You should leave that in. It's like, all right, Sorry. We're laughing here because KT just can't take this topic. But this is a serious topic, everybody. KT, with a contributory Roth, can you take your contributions out anytime that you want? I'm so glad I have one of these.. one of these accounts. KT, do you remember? Go ahead. Stop laughing. Thing should take us literally. Two seconds were eight minutes into this all right when we do. But I love how they encourage each other. KT in a contributor, Robert. Next, baby I'm gonna call him Rob. I think Robert should just play thing of us laughing trying to do this, that we couldn't do it. So all you're going to hear is laughter for this week's podcast. Well, your wish is my command. We can do this. Ready? Take a deep breath. You're gonna have to go in the other room I think for me to do this right in a contribute way can't do this, Robert, I'm swear we can't. Robert, just be patient. She's getting there. Take a sip of water. I tell my fault. You should see her eyes were watering. She's laughing. Her nose is running. Get a tissue, get a tissue. Her nose is running. Your eyes are watering. You can't stop laughing. I really love how they try and help each other through getting the session done. Then KT keeps getting the giggles. Okay, Because converted…. I can’t do it. You have to. I'm like to I'm not good. Not good. You go there because that's gonna another. No, I've already answered it confusing, but is that the real advantages there? Get you have another one up… I promise. Enjoy. This is much as when you are Oh, I thoroughly enjoy it. And I hope all of you enjoyed this short fun episode as well. And I have to tell you, one of the highlights of my week is listening to Suze and KT enjoying what they do. And that's one of the great lessons we can take into 2021. Now we have to deal with some very serious subjects every day. And it's important for us to heed the advice that Suze gives us so we can remain financially strong and secure. But we can have a little fun doing it as well. So happy New Year everyone, please stay safe. Stay strong. Now, once again, Suze and KT with a very special guest. Suze O here. And I hope you all enjoyed a little bit of our laughter. But, you know, we weren't gonna let you get away with this so easy and not hear one last time for this year for myself, KT as well as Colo. Now, all of you know you should know if you don't know Colo lives with us and he's kind of like our sun. Are you embarrassed that your son? No, I'm not. I'm very proud. There we go. And a lot of you have said we want to hear Colo's voice. We love seeing pictures of him and all that, but let's hear his voice. So we thought to, add on to the laughter of this podcast, that we would bring you our greatest laughter, our greatest joy, right, KT? Which is Colo now? I have a little competition, everybody. I got Colo in the studio. And if you like him, maybe he'll join me next year on my ask Suze anything Thursday. So Colo, what do you want to say to everybody? Hi, everybody. I'm Colo and I just wanted to wish everybody happy New year and that I'm part of Suze and KT's family. Yeah, and was that hard for you? Yeah. Tell everybody to No, wait. Tell everybody how many times you practice that practice about 45 minutes in the garage. And the reason is Colo is so, so shy. And his main language, obviously is Spanish, espanol, say in Spanish. How would you say that? in Spanish. *In Spanish* Yeah, baby. So that's Colo, everybody. KT, what is your final words for the year? I'm so happy that were all together in Susie Studio. We just wanna wish everyone an amazing 2021 ahead a saying to next year because Suze's got some great shows for all of you. So the final words for this year really are from me toe all of you. I hope you laugh often. I hope you laugh from the really bottom of your heart. I hope that you find some joy in New Year's and next year and everything else that is going to come your way. So made this next year be a year filled with happiness, joy, laughter and, of course, the women and money podcast. Tune in everybody. What do you want to say? KT and Colo happy? Yeah. Hey, baby.

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