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January 10, 2021

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On this podcast, Suze announces a major initiative she has been working on for months!  Imagine how great it would be if you could get paid to save your money instead of spend it.

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January 10th, 2021. Suze O and KT, now wait. Let me get to that alright. Right, Suze O. and KT here, and welcome to the women in money podcast as well as the men smart enough to listen. All right, KT, tell everybody why you are here on a Sunday. You all know I don't work Sunday, but Suze has this big reveal and she said, Oh, come on, KT, you have to help me out here this is too exciting. I can't do it by myself. So I said, All right, I'm here. The truth is, sometimes I just get lonely in the studio by myself. She never gets lonely. This is a big deal day. She's been waiting since 2020 to tell you about today. But the main reason I did want KT here Is that both of us, not just me, but both of us worked really, really, really hard on bringing what we're calling the ultimate opportunity to each and every one of you. So I just want to say a few things before I tell you about what we have to offer to all of you today. And this has been quite the year last year, wasn't it? Oh, my goodness. I'm telling you, that was the year. And as I told you a little bit ago, this is going to be another year. And we've already seen the kinds of things that have happened this week, right? So really, in life, when it comes to you being okay, you have got to be able to save yourself. You've got to be able to support yourself. You've got to know what to do when to do it, what not to do. You've got to know those things. And the main lesson that we learned from last year was this. What was it KT, Can you guess? Everyone ran out of money. They ran out of the and wait I have to tell them I'm the one that gets all these emails. And I read what you asked Suze's. And for the past, maybe three or four months. All of you are so concerned like Well, wait a minute, we have a new year, and we're excited about it, but we don't have any money. We used our emergency fund. and I've said to you over and over again that in life and I've said this forever not just because of the pandemic. I've said it forever, that you need at least an eight-month emergency fund, last year I changed it to a 12 month emergency fund because of how long the pandemic and everything went on. And you're now telling us that you've run out of that money and rightfully so. So now wait, Wait. I got to tell them. Tell them the big opportunity. She's worked really hard on this everyone and she landed it and we couldn't be happier. Alright, alright, alright, I'll tell everybody. So I know you all need to create again for yourselves. And even if you already have an emergency fund, you want the best place to keep your money or to start depositing it. And we partnered with Alliant Credit Union, one of the largest online credit unions, and the best rated and the best rated where no matter where you live, you just have to apply to become a member and it won't cost you anything. Now what did we create with Alliant Credit Union? Now that is the announcement. Do you want me to do it? No, you have to do it. This is your baby Suze. Alright, everybody here's what we have created. We have created the ultimate opportunity savings account, and this will be held with Alliant Credit Union. Now, what makes this account so special? Why is it the ultimate opportunity? Because not only re you going to get the current interest rate, which is 0.55% which is among the highest that you're going to find anywhere? Listen closely now, if you deposit at least $100 a month in your ultimate opportunity savings account and you do that for 12 consecutive months at the end of the 12th month, Alliant is going to give you a $100 bonus free, free, absolutely free. No strings. Now, why is that such a big deal? Well, let me tell you, do you know that you would need more than $18,000 today in a savings account to earn just a $100 in interest at the end of one full year? It's a big deal because all you have to do is put at least $100 a month every single month for 12 consecutive months. So you've deposited at least $1200 and you get that $100. So think about that. $18,000 in a regular savings account will give you $100 in interest. You only have to put in $1200 and you're going to get that $100 bonus plus 00.55% interest. So, do you all understand why that is such a big deal? I put a lot more than $100 a month in Suze. Yeah, because you want that interest. You want that interest. So do you understand why this is the ultimate opportunity savings account? Because there is not one place in the entire United States that you're going to be able to earn $100 on at least $1200. Are you kidding me? What KT, what do you want to say? They're paying you to save. Yes, And Suze kept saying to me, I mean, maybe many, many times, Suze said, you know, what if people get paid to save instead of all this bonus and rewards and all kinds of points they get for spending their money, let them save their money, and we'll pay them. This is such the ultimate opportunity that there's a limited amount to go around. So I wanted all of you on my podcast to here about it first before anybody else. So go to myalliant.com. That's MYALLIANT.com and take advantage of this opportunity because it is not going to be here that long and get that $100 bonus. So let me just tell you a little bit more about the ultimate Opportunity Savings account with Alliant Credit Union. There are no fees on this account whatsoever. You can get your money whenever you want via over the 80,000 ATM's that Alliant Credit Union has access to. There are no tricks. There's nothing to it if you start doing this and you find out, Oh, I can't continue to put at least $100 a month in, and you need to take out whatever is in there. You can take it out. You can have access to your money with no fees, no expenses whatsoever? So this is simply the ultimate opportunity for you to get the biggest bang for your buck, and it's just that simple. Now a lot of you may remember that last year, Credit Union sponsored the women and money podcast, and I loved that. And why did I love that? Because I only want sponsors for this podcast that help you, and they want more for you than they want for themselves. And that is true with credit unions. Credit unions are there to serve you for you to be a member of for you, to get your needs met at for you to get the lowest possible interest rates on car loans and home loans in the highest interest rates on your savings. That's what they're there for. They're there for you, however, you know, and I know that credit unions, you have to be a member of them. And if a credit union isn't near you or you don't meet certain qualifications, you can't become a member. That is not true with Aliant. Aliant Credit Union is one of the largest online credit unions in the United States today, and by the way, they are rated the best credit union for 2020. They were rated the Best Buy money and Buy Kiplinger's and by CNBC. So they have the stature behind them, everybody. But because they're an online credit union, you no matter where you live in the United States, you just have to go and you will see how you can apply to become a member. And it will not cost you one penny. Suze we have to tell everybody that the way I qualified. What do you mean I, it was we. Okay that we qualified for the membership was that you click the little box that says that you're happy to make a donation to foster care to success, which is a great organization. Thousands of kids benefit from this and here's the good news, everybody. Alliant pays the $5 fee on our behalf on the member's behalf, so it does not cost you a penny. It's just a great way to become a member. Yeah, that's why I said it's not going to cost you any money to do this. Now maybe you're wondering, Suze, if I put money in there and I hear that they're paying a high interest rate, Their pain 0.55%. So I'm gonna put a lot of money in there. I don't know a lot about credit unions. So is it insured? Yes. Alliant is insured by NCUA. Which is the same as FDIC. When you are insured at a bank you do not have to worry about it whatsoever. So credit unions are fabulous. And now, after my relationship with the lion has involved, tell them what else, KT, came out of it. Yeah, the best news is there the sponsor of the women and money podcast. Yeah. So we were sticking with our credit unions Alliant is the best of breed. In our opinion, we're so excited. So now you don't have to write in anymore and say, what Credit Union? Where should I go? Which one? I don't know about them. Now all you have to do is go to my alliant.com, Go look for me and it's really just that simple everybody. So that is the announcement that I wanted to make with KT. KT has a look on her face. What is that It's important for all of you to really understand no one. And I mean no one at least that we know of no one. Trust me, no one, yeah, No one's giving you $100 to simply save your own money, teach you the habit of saving, which is really important. Get you into a set and forget it mode. So by the this time next year, you're going to say, Oh, my God, I've got this great emergency fund going on, especially if you put in more than $100 a month like I am. But here's the thing. Just know what KT just said was important. I want you all to get into the habit of savings, therefore, you can't put in $1200 all at once and get the $100 bonus. You can't put in $600 in 2 months and get the $100 bonus. You have to put in at least $100 a month for 12 consecutive months, and you're going to find that once you get in the habit of savings, just set it up. Have an automatic transfer into the account every month you're gonna find Oh, you like that. And you won't even miss the money in most cases. So do you all like the idea of the ultimate opportunity Savings account? Do you think they like a KT? They better like it because we've got to do this everybody. By the way, I'm not making any money off of this. If you do this, people just so you know what, KT? You know, a lot of times people think we tell them to do something because we get paid for it. Are you kidding me? You know, that's not what's happening here. I'm just so excited for all of you because I know I know how every penny counts. Now, here's the other thing which is why I'm really urging you to do this right now. On Thursday, I have another webinar coming up. In fact, all of you can register for it if you want. It's absolutely free. Just go to Suzeorman.com/webinar and register, and it will air at 6 p.m. East coast time on January 14th, and thousands and thousands of people we already have over 10,000 people have signed up for it at this point in time, so thousands of people will sign up for it. And I'm going to tell them all about the ultimate opportunity savings account. So I wanna make sure that all of you, my podcast listeners, get in on it and not one of you misses out on what we're calling the ultimate opportunity savings account. So, KT want to tell them anything before we at this? Don't wait another minute. As soon as you finish listening to this podcast, go to myAlliant.com and look for who? Look for me, everybody because I will see you there.

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