Podcast Episode - Suze School: Meaning Creates Passion


September 03, 2023

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On this Labor Day Weekend Suze School, Suze examines the difference between passion and meaning in our jobs and which one matters the most.

Podcast Transcript:


Intro / Outro: Ok, Suze. Are you ready for today's podcast?


Suze: Oh, you bet I am because I'm unstoppable


Suze: Music I.


Suze: September 3rd, 2023. Welcome everybody to the Women and Money podcast as well as everybody smart enough to listen, Suze O here. Do you know what today is? Today is the 500 episode of the Women and Money podcast. I said that slowly because 500


Suze: episodes and what's interesting about the episodes of this podcast is usually they're just me and obviously also KT


Suze: but it's very, very different to do a podcast like this one and every week have to come up and figure out what you are going to say than simply having a slew of producers, booking guests for you and all you have to do is interview them far, far easier. But this podcast, honest to God, all 500 episodes


Suze: has really just been myself, KT and Robert.


Suze: and I have to tell you to have done 500 episodes like that. That alone is something to celebrate. But this is a weekend of celebration. Is it not because it is Labor Day weekend. And you know, I always think about holidays and what they mean and are we celebrating them for the right purposes? So I always look up the definition


Suze: of what Labor Day is a celebration about. And here's what it says, Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers.


Suze: And I thought about that and I thought about that and I thought about that.


Suze: And then I got really sad


Suze: because I realized that while you might be celebrating tomorrow,


Suze: the real reason you are celebrating isn't because you're celebrating your social and economic achievements of what you have accomplished. It's because you get a Monday off which means you don't have to go to work. So you are not celebrating your achievements at work. You are most likely not celebrating the fact that you have a job.


Suze: And the reason for that is most likely you are not happy in your job. When I ask so many of you and everywhere I go, I always say to somebody, I go, what do you do for a living? All those questions that you ask one another when you don't really know what else to say to each other,


Suze: I always end up asking them. Are you happy in your job?


Suze: They normally say to me no. So I'm asking all of you right now.


Suze: Are you happy in your job? Yes or no.


Suze: And when I asked them that question.


Suze: Normally the answer is no.


Suze: So if your answer happened to be no, the next question that I would ask these people and you need to be asking yourself is why aren't you happy in your job?


Suze: All right. For those of you who answered no, I want you to write down why you are not happy in your job.


Suze: For those of you who answered yes,


Suze: that you are happy in your job. I want you to write down why you are happy in your job.


Suze: Now, I don't know what you're gonna write or not. But the most frequent answer that I would get when I asked that question was this? Oh, Suze, I'm just not passionate about what I'm doing.


Suze: I want to quit my job. I want to find a job that fulfills my passion.


Suze: Any of you write that down.


Suze: How many of you have written me? And you've said, you know, Suze, I wanna quit this job that pays me a whole lot of money because I want to find a job that fulfills my passion. I'm looking to fulfill my passion.


Suze: I'm looking to fulfill my passion.


Suze: I have to say, I honestly have no idea where that concept of finding a job that you are passionate about came from.


Suze: And that's what you're looking for because in my opinion, that is the worst advice I have ever heard. And if you've heard that advice, that's the worst advice in my opinion that you have ever heard. Now, why is that? That's because passion changes all the time,


Suze: not just in what you do, but even who you're in a relationship with. One day, I hear you saying I love this person. I love this person. Oh, Suze, I'm just so passionate about them.


Suze: And then a while later you say to me, I hate this person. There is no passion between us whatsoever.


Suze: And then of course, you end up splitting up.


Suze: You know what I'm saying is true. How many relationships have you been in that? It was just so passionate


Suze: and it was it the passion that you loved


Suze: or did love, create passion? Like what was it everybody?


Suze: So I then decided


Suze: that I would look not only at my own life, but I would look at the lives inwardly of all the people I worked with over all my years. And what I learned was this, they didn't love their job because they were passionate about what they did.


Suze: They loved what they did because their job gave them meaning


Suze: and because of that


Suze: meaning, because they found meaning in their lives that created passion,


Suze: passion doesn't create meaning, meaning creates passion.


Suze: So the question that all of you need to be asking yourself on this Labor Day weekend and really not just this weekend, but weekends for the rest of your lives is what would give you meaning in your life.


Suze: All right, everybody that's a question for you in your little Suze notebooks. How would you answer that? What would give you meaning in your life? And it's not just meaning today


Suze: because as your life goes on, as your life changes, as the events in the world change, meaning will also change.


Suze: So


Suze: on this Labor Day Weekend,


Suze: all I ask is for you to think about what I have just said


Suze: for it's in finding your meaning that really leads to happiness in your work and in your life and never forget meaning


Suze: today may be different for you five years from now or 20 years from now. So don't be afraid to change. And I mean, what I just said, all right, next week on September 10th, the Suze school, I have a fabulous announcement that I have been waiting to make


Suze: and it's about the ultimate opportunity, savings account for your kids. So today in just a few hours Miss Travis and I will be getting on a plane heading out to Italy and then to Spain, for the next 10 days, but I'm going to do my best to prerecord episodes for you


Suze: so that you can continue to learn and not have to hear the best ofs when we play a best of it's because we really either can't broadcast or something has gone wrong. But there's no reason why we can't try to create newness for you every single week.


Suze: So we'll try our best to do that. But until then,


Suze: please know there's only really one thing that I want you to say every single day.


Suze: And on some level, this also will help give you meaning in your life


Suze: today. Wherever I go, I will create a more peaceful, joyful and loving world. And if you do that,


Suze: I promise you you will be unstoppable. Happy Labor Day Weekend. Everybody see you soon.


Intro / Outro: Music Out.

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