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July 23, 2020

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In this special edition of Ask Suze Anything, Suze stands in her truth and shares a very important announcement.

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July 23, 2020, welcome to the Women and Money podcast as well as the men smart enough to listen. This is Suze O., and today is Ask Suze Anything. However, we're going to have a little bit of a change today because today it's not about ask Suze anything, it's about Suze telling you everything. You know, on this podcast now, and on everything I've done for over 35 years, I've always said it's really important to stand in your truth. It's really important to tell the world what's going on with you and to share your experiences. And Suze is about to go through an experience. KT just walked in, hi KT, say hi. Hi, everybody, get ready for this one. All right, so, what I'm going to share with all of you is this. For probably the past six to eight months, I've been having weakness on my right side, and I haven't been able to quite figure out what was it, was this, was it that? Well, yesterday, KT and I found out exactly what it was, and to make it very brief, they found a tumor on my spine that is benign, everybody, just know that from the start. But it needs to come out immediately. So, we will be getting on the plane and going to the top surgeon in the United States to do this surgery. But what that means is this. For probably the next month, I won't be able to be doing any podcasts what so ever. However, it doesn't mean it stops because Robert and Sarah are going to be picking out the "Best Of" podcasts that we've been doing and they're going to be playing them for you, but... And wait, it's KT, I might give you all some updates and keep you posted on Suze's recovery and when she's going to get out there and fish again. But we love you all, send us prayers, send your favorite prayers, and know that everything is going to be great. And I'm the best nurse she ever had in her life, right? My God, she's a pain. I just have to tell you that. No, no, no. I'm making her delicious kale soup right now and all the things that we need to prepare for, but we're doing this on Thursday. So on Thursday, send your favorite prayer. And Thursday, though, is when they're listening to this, KT, so they're doing it. We're recording this a day before, as we are about to take off on the airplane. And Thursday, while you're probably listening to this on July 23, I will be in surgery for quite a big part of the day. So, I just wanted to share that with all of you, and it's important because we are a podcast family, and you need to know that we go through things. Oh, I'm getting a big hug from KT right now. Yeah, she's scared, everybody. So send prayers, send blessings, send them to the app so Sarah can read them to me, and we'll keep you updated. But just know that the most important thing in life is to take care of ourselves both health and wealth and to stay safe, stay strong, and stay secure. Want to say bye, KT? Yeah, we love everybody. All right, OK all, this is Suze O. signing out for now. Talk to you soon. Hi, everyone, this is Sarah, and this is Robert, and we're from the Women and Money podcast and app team, and we wanted to spend a few minutes with you to review a few things. As Suze just said, while she's healing, she's committed to keeping the Women and Money community going strong. And as you know, we just started The Eight Qualities of a Wealthy Woman course on Monday, this past Monday, July 20. And the course will continue, we've got all of the materials ready to go with one slight adjustment. Instead of Suze reviewing and commenting each week on the work we're doing, what she'll do instead is at the end of the course, she'll do a compilation reviewing everything that we learned and all of the great work that she saw us doing together. If you'd like to participate there still time, simply download the free Women and Money Community app from Google Play or the Apple App store, and all you need to do to find it is search, Suze Orman. We all know her name, Suze Orman, search for her on the app store and you'll find the community. And as Suze said, Sarah and I are going through the archives of the Women and Money podcasts, and we will be sharing with you some of the best of the best episodes from the past two years. So each Sunday and Thursday we're going to explain why we chose that particular show and in some cases give you a little insight into how it was all put together. For example, Sarah, do you know how hard it is to edit a podcast when tears are streaming down your face? No. Thankfully, that's your job, Robert. So I guarantee there will be a couple of episodes that I will share that experience with you. So, everybody, we really need your help as we put these together.That's right. As you heard KT say, inside the community, we would love for you to share all of your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers, and messages for Suze and KT. Because we know Suze is going to be listening to the show as she recovers, and we will be reading some of your messages at the top of each show that we release. OK, is that all, for now, Robert? It is, Sarah. We'll be back here on Sunday with the first Best of the Best episode. Can't wait. Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm Robert, and we're from Suze Orman's Women and Money podcast team here to tell you that Alloya's member credit unions are so proud to have brought you this episode. You know, Robert, credit unions live by people helping people philosophy. Absolutely, Sarah. And that means when you bank with a credit union, you can trust that they have your best interest at heart. The fact is, regardless of circumstance, a credit union will have your back and keep your money safe, that's the credit union promise. Go to www.MyCreditUnion.gov to find a credit union that fits your needs. That's MyCreditUnion.gov. In providing answers neither Suze Orman Media nor Suze Orman is acting as a Certified Financial Planner, advisor, a Certified Financial Analyst, an economist, CPA, accountant, or lawyer. Neither Suze Orman Media nor Suze Orman makes any recommendations as to any specific securities or investments. All content is for informational and general purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting or legal advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and financial advisors regarding your particular situation. Neither Suze Orman Media nor Suze Orman accepts any responsibility for any loss, which may arise from accessing or reliance on the information in this podcast and to the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability for loss or damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of the information.

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I pay all my credit card bills in full each month.

I have an eight-month emergency savings fund separate from my checking or other bank accounts.

The car I am driving was paid for with cash, or a loan that was no more than three years, and I sure didn’t lease!

I am contributing at least 10% of my gross salary to a retirement plan at work, or I am saving at least that much in an IRA and/or regular taxable account.

I have a long-term asset allocation plan for my retirement investments, and once a year I check to see if I need to do any rebalancing to stay on target with my allocation goals.

I have term life insurance to provide protection to those who are dependent on my income.

I have a will, a trust, an advance directive (living will), and have appointed someone to be my health care proxy.

I have checked all the beneficiaries of every investment account and insurance policy within the past year.

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But if you found yourself saying No to any of those questions, and you’re not working on moving to Yes, then I want you to stand in your truth. No matter how good you feel, you have some work to do before you can honestly know what you are on solid financial ground.

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