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April 05, 2021

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On this special Easter Sunday episode, KT highlights some of her favorite sayings of Suze’s.  We don’t just get to hear these “Suzeisms”, we also get the meaning behind them!

Podcast Transcript:

April 4th, 2021. I know today's Easter. Are you excited? Yeah. I love Easter Sunday. I love when we do sunrise services. I love all the kids I love the spirit of Easter, but most of all, Suze, we both this Easter Sunday and 2021 I think we just want to send wishes out to the world and lots of prayers. I'll tell you why KT loves Easter Sunday, because we eat ham and lamb and we eat way too much, too much. We make a big we're used to having a huge Easter gathering with both my family and Suze's family. When it's Easter and Passover together, it's even better. And we talked about that last weekend, we used to have almost 50 people. Yeah, you know how many we have over today? Four. This is a covid friendly Easter. Yes, it is. What are we doing today, KT? So, I want to start by doing something a little bit different for Suze told all of you she was going to have Suze School because there's so many things that I really want to tell you. But wait, we'll do that on Thursday. Everybody, because there are things that I really want you to know about your money. But today just it doesn't seem quite right to just talk about money. We need to talk about everything behind money. So go on, KT. So, it started, actually, both of us. A little while ago, we received an email and an Easter wish from our good friend Joyce, who lives in Australia. And this is what Joyce wrote. It was a simple quote, and we both love this. It says, happiness is the new rich, kindness is the new cool, health is the new wealth and inner peace is the new success. I thought, Suze, maybe this Sunday, I would like to talk to you about your enthusiasms since KT's here on Sunday, I said, you know, you get to decide what you want to do. It's not just what I want to do, it's what you want to do as well. And so, after KT got this email from Joyce, we got this email from Joyce, she said Suze, words are really important. Words have changed today. What was may never be again, and everything is just has a different meaning to it. And you're somebody, Suze, who's all about words in terms of the meanings and the effects that they have on people that go far beyond telling them what to invest in and things like that. So, tell everybody your idea today. So, my idea was to ask for me to ask Suze to talk a little bit about what I call her Suze-isms, and I have a collection of these. There's well over 100 but they're the little quotes and the sayings and the wisdoms, the teachings, that makes Suze so unique and so different from any financial person out there. And that's what makes her special. And I thought maybe we could have her share with you a little bit about the meaning or the inspiration behind some of these Suze-isms. And just to explain that a little bit more KT, if I can, and you tell me if this isn't what you're meaning here is that it's actually very easy to say. Do this with your money. Do that with your money, money in itself. And the actions to take with money are very simple. What's really difficult is why don't you do that? What you know, you should do with money. Why do you have credit card debt? Why do you feel like you're never, ever going to make it or do anything? So yes, KT. No, so to that point, one of my very favorite Suze-isms is this. You have to go within to see why you're doing without, yes. And I think that that is kind of the direction, I'd like you to talk a little bit about. One of the reasons that that's saying maybe is the most important saying out of all the things that I can teach all of you. Is that there's a reason why if you don't have the money in your life that you want to have, if you're just really not financially happy, so to speak, you can't solve that problem with just making more money. You just can't because you and your money are one. And I've always said that KT, money can't do anything without you. You're the ones who go and earn it, spend it, save it. It can't do anything without you. So, if you don't have the money that you want in your life, that means you have to go within yourself to find out why. Why are you doing without and what way are you an obstacle to your own wealth? Because you know, so many times I would give a talk seriously. And I remember standing in front of a group of people and saying, do you really think that God just looks down upon this earth and says, you're to have money, you're to have money, you're to have money. You're not to have money, you're not to have money and that it's preordained. No, there's so much wealth in this world. There's so much possibilities and probabilities in this world and anybody. And in my opinion, everybody can have that. And I know that a lot of people give excuses as to where they come from. And no, that's not meant to be. And all these things. But no, because I'm sure KT will also have in there. And maybe you do KT, let's see if I can outguess you. I always love to guess what she's going to do is that there's no excuse big enough to keep you from being who you are meant to be. Definitely. And so, you have to go within and find out, what are you doing, to be an obstacle in your own path to financial freedom. For I will forever believe that we are not victims to our circumstances. When it comes to money that I have seen things happen in this world to people who, oh my God, they're situations have been so horrific. It's not even funny. And now they have everything, everything. And really, if you looked at them, you would think this isn't how it was supposed to end up. But it did end up that way because they went within to see why they were doing with that and some of those stories. Those successes over time, where maybe little tiny adjustments or one realization or one change. You have many, many, many letters, as we call it, Suze's fan mail that she has received over the past 30 years from people thanking her for how they've become nothing to something or how they've changed their life dramatically. My favorite stories and they'll always be. My favorite stories are my financial abuse survivors. Women who, they're the strong one strong ones. And now so many of them are doing so great. It's just amazing how they've survived. So that's what I believe. And that's just what I believe. And I'm always going to believe it. Everybody, nobody is ever going to get me to change that. Okay, so another one that I like and this is just very simple, but I think that these simple Suze-isms are very valuable in terms of practice, every cent you apply towards diminishing your debt replenishes. You talk about that feeling? I said that. Yeah, you did. Sure. I'm positive, just playing with you. Well, I have a belief that debt is bondage, that you'll never be financially free if you are in bondage. And I'm not talking about debt, when I'm talking about the mortgage on your home and even student loan debt at times. I'm talking about credit card debt. I'm talking about debt where you have paid for your present-day desires, but your costs are going to be your future day needs. And when you have credit card debt, it's really, in my opinion, a statement as to when you feel less than, you spend more than. Because so many times when we have this little hole in our heart and sometimes it's a big hole everybody, who knows what reasons. But they're there, and we make ourselves feel better by doing what? Going out and buying a new purse, buying a new iPhone, buying a new this buying and knew that. And then we never even use them. But it only makes us feel good for the second that we're buying it, but it can't fill us up. So, when you retire your debt when you do so, I got to tell you, it replenishes who you are to yourself because it just feels so good. You know, KT, I'll never forget that I was on a TV show and an 83-year-old woman. It was a live show. An 83-year-old woman called in said, Suze, I have to tell you something I said, okay, she said, I have finally paid off all of my credit card debt, and she sounded like she was 53, right? And actually, should I tell you what I said to her? Probably not. We're not saying, right? I said I said to her, I bet that felt better. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. She's not going to share that. I know what you said. Now you reminded me. Okay? You can all use your imagination here because Suze kind of cuts to the chase. And at 83, she told me she couldn't remember back that far. Anyway, we're not going to point, all right? No, you could see her face, everybody. But there is nothing as exciting as seriously shame. No shame, no blame. Big enough right to keep me from being who you're meant to be. Is that another one? No, but that is Suze-isms. That's right. But the truth of the matter is, nothing will make you feel better in life and replenish your energy. That's what I like is the way out of debt. And that's what I like, Suze. The replenished part. I think that people you know often we get these letters or Suze, when we had the TV show, she would have this fan mail that would kind of be her pen pals. They would write to her often, and all they wanted to do is report almost on a monthly basis. How the debt was going down, the debt meter was almost gone. And they loved it. They would be so proud just to tell Suze this is where I am now. This is where we're going. I'm so excited when you get those from your debt. KT, what that means is you have control over your life. And when you have control over your life now you own the power to control your destiny. And now you're doing exactly what you need to do. You know what, Suze? I need to apply this to myself. Why? Not about debt, about losing weight and feel replenished for every pound that goes away? You think it's so hard for you to lose weight? I eat too much. Why do you think you do that? Because I love to cook. I love food. I enjoy entertaining and I eat too much. It's that simple. It's a matter of it's a matter of being in debt, you spend too much. I'm overweight because I eat too much. I'd love to lose 20 pounds. But you know what? KT? I love you no matter what. Yeah, it's like because you're happy. That's all I care cause me the little bunny. All right, here's another one. Don't ask me why I call her a little buddy. All right, everybody go. All right, here's another one. Because, I picked this next one because it seemed really appropriate for Easter Sunday. And here's one that you say and I just love this one. Money needs to come in via your hands and go out via your heart. You know, everybody is that obviously you have to have self-effort, you know, self-effort in order to get money to come in, you have to work for it, as I say before. So, it comes in through the hard work that you physically do with your hands, with your mind, with your body. But when it goes out, it has to go out through your heart. It has to go out because it feels right. Not because your head says, oh, I need to do this. I think I need to do this. Oh, if I don't give my sister, my brother $5,000 they won't like me anymore. But we're your heart is saying, please don't do it. Please don't do it. Every action that you take with your money needs to feel good. And it's your heart where you know something resonates or not. If you start to rationalize in your head, why you should do something, why you shouldn't do something and you're talking back and forth about it. It's not going out through your heart. It would be no secret that KT and I are asked all the time to donate money to this to that, to that, to this, Um, when people come and they ask us for money. Many time,s we say, no, no, because they didn't touch our hearts. It was an ask without, I don't know, I can't quite explain it to you. And then sometimes we'll just meet somebody. We'll meet somebody and they'll tell us what they're doing. And it will have so touched our hearts that all of a sudden, we're writing a huge check to them. Whether we get a tax write off or not doesn't even matter to us. But when it comes out through our hearts, I can't tell you the joy that it gives us. And half the time nobody even knows what we've done, and we never do it for somebody else. We do it for ourselves. So, every single penny that you spend, every single penny that you donate, every single penny that you spend on a gift, it has to feel right to you. Don't do it out of guilt. Don't do it because you want to impress somebody. Do it because your heart smiles and likes what you're about to do. This one is an all-time favorite. This is actually your favorite. Can I guess which one it is, KT. What's your favorite animal Suze? Elephants. So, I learned a saying in India many, many years ago, which goes like this. The elephant keeps walking, as the dogs keep barking. Now, KT, I'm going to switch this up on you for a second here. What do you think I mean, when I say that? That saying is also really, really special and what it reminds us or what it means to me. And I think what it means applicable to Suze and why she loves it so much. Is that Suze? Your life has become since you were 30. Since you were a waitress, and now you're almost 70 the world's personal finance expert. What does that do? It sets you apart from everything, from anyone. It gives you a very big, unique position in life in your own life in the world. And that position requires some steadfast, you know, um, courage. And I think that the saying means that there's always going to be the dog's yapping and barking and complaining and, you know, wanting to nip at you and stir you up. And I think if you're steadfast in your beliefs and what you are and who you've become and what you do, gives you the courage and the power and the ability to move on to keep walking, if that's what you are. But what it really does is that you know, a lot of times, everybody, you have a belief or you have a faith, faith that you want to do something and everybody is like, no, you can't do that. No, I don't agree with that. Now be careful, sometimes just have to keep going and do what you know is best for you. No matter what anybody else says and do what's right and do it well. You always have to do what's right, and you always have to do what's right versus what's easy, which is another saying. But that's why I like that. So sometimes when I start to doubt myself, KT, because this one says that, this one disagrees, this whatever like, no, this is what I believe. I'm just going to keep walking and walking as everybody else keeps barking. All right, what else you got? That is her favorite. So, Suze, this is another one that I absolutely love and try to live by. I think I've always lived by this saying, and I want you to explain to people what that means, especially for women. When you undervalue who you are, the world undervalues what you do. That one is actually very simple KT. When you undervalue your worth, then you really don't have the strength to ask for the amount of money that you want. You settle for things and I have a saying in life. And I always said this to you, KT. I'm never going to settle. I am not going to settle in our relationship. I am not going to settle for anything in my life because I want the best for my life because I value who I am. But when you undervalue yourself, you don't think you deserve more, so you just settle. You all have to understand how incredibly valuable you are. You're the most precious person in your entire life because when you think about it, you're all you really have for your entire life. You don't know KT. I don't know. Are you going to be with me forever? Yes. Yes. But I'm going to be lucky enough that God allows it to happen. I pray for that. We pray for that. But the only thing that I know for sure is that I have myself. I have myself and I have my beliefs and who I am. So, if I undervalue myself, I'm undervaluing my heart. And when I undervalue my heart, what else is there then in life, KT. So, because you are your heart, if your heart isn't happy and it's not a happy heart, doesn't matter if you have $10 billion you are not a happy person. So, when you undervalue who you are, the world will undervalue what you do. And the second part of that is when you undervalue what you do, the world undervalues who you are. Every single one of you listening to me right now, my prayer for all of you is that you value who you are, and you understand how precious you are and how great you are. And just know that and never, ever forget it. I love that's beautiful. Oh, she's smiling about. That's beautiful. That's what makes you different from everyone else. You know what's interesting, KT, is that I have another saying that I learned from a great teacher, a great teacher, and I don't know if you've ever even heard this one. And the fact of the matter is, so many letters that I see are Suze. I made a mistake. I put too much in the Roth IRA. Like everybody, you're all concentrating on your mistakes that you make, and every one of us makes mistakes. I make mistakes. KT makes mistakes, and that's just how it is. But one of the greatest sayings about mistakes is this, that if you come from your heart, even a mistake ends up beneficial. Hmm. It's such an important thing for all of you. And you should all write that down because sometimes we say something and we wish we hadn't said it. Sometimes we say something and we don't even know that we shouldn't have said it. And sometimes just things can get out of control, no matter what happens in life. So, we make a mistake. So, the sixth greatest words in life are, I admit that I was wrong. When you're wrong, just admit it. Great, you made a mistake. But rather than you feeling so horrific about it for a long time, just remember that if you come from your heart, even a mistake ends up beneficial. Don't ever forget that I said that. Well, Suze, to me, that's a wrap for Easter Sunday. I love that, I love the thought. I love that, that saying and I think you're right. We're all human. So, you want to wrap already? Yeah, that was really, really special. Because you're out Suze-isms. No, I have hundreds of Suze-isms, but that last thought is so precious. Really? Making me smile. Everybody, she's I'm really smiling. She's no, but that's a big smile, all right? It is Easter Sunday morning. So, every single Easter Sunday we always love to see the sunrise, and we do sunrise service. I'm so sorry that this year we're not on the island. We're back in Florida because it's always, we always gather at Mr. Davis's house like 100 people. It's a full service, and it's so beautiful watching the thing. Maybe KT, you can actually, I'm going to post some from last year of when we did that. And it's a really great thing. So, we hope that your Easter Sunday is one that's filled with many, many blessings and joy for all of you and that you love whatever you're doing today and anything else KT. Yeah? Just remember this too. This is one of Suze's all-time favorites. God permits U-turns. Oh, she is so proud of herself. So, until next Thursday, where I am going to do a Suze school on so many things I want, you know, Am I going to be part of that, too? Am I in that too? Yeah. Okay. I just want to know, you know, you're not under Suze school. KT needs to go to school. So, you're not understanding this, you are a part of every single podcast from now on. All right, So I'll ask all the questions at school next Thursday. That those that you want to know. No what your purpose will be is when I tell everybody about Suze's school and what I want them to know when you don't understand what I'm saying, you'll ask. Because so many people are writing me saying, Suze, our mind just doesn't work as fast as yours. And so, when KT asked questions, we get it. So, we need her. Alright so Thursday, we got off track there a little. So, Thursday will be Suze school. But until then, we wish you a very, very happy Easter and know that we love each and every one of you. Should we end with the same KT? Yeah. There's only one thing that matters when it comes to your money. And it is this people first and money, then thing. Now you stay safe and eat a little chocolate. Bye bye.

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