Podcast Episode - Three Steps To A Super Life

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February 14, 2022

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In this podcast, Suze outlines three important steps you need to take, so that you can have a personal, professional and financial Super Life.

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February 13, 2022. So, today's podcast is going to be an interesting one. An interesting one really for me because normally when I sit down in front of this microphone, especially on Sundays, I have an idea of what I want to talk about. I've thought about it, I've contemplated it. And then I just sit down and whatever comes out comes out because I wanted to be authentic. I wanted to be, you know that where you can feel the emotion and the passion and the knowledge that I really want to depart with all of us. But today I'm in quite a quandary because I sit here, I have three ways to go. I have KT's little voice in my head saying, let's do a financial touchdown, come on Suze, it's Super Bowl today, you gotta do that. Come on, we can all come on the podcast with you. We can all have a celebration and that's what we should do. And then because I've read so many of the emails that you have sent in as well as posts on the women and money app. And if you noticed I have started answering your questions on the Women & Money App when they're short enough and also many of you may not know this. But if you have recently written in to AskSuzePodcast@gmail.com. I've answered almost every single one of them and many of them have made me so sad. It's not even funny. So, then I thought, I know I'll do a podcast today on financial shame. And then I started to read more emails and things like that. And I thought to myself, no, I should do one about the heart and the soul of money and those were my three choices. And so, when it was all said and done and now, I'm sitting here and now I get to choose on the spot. One of those, I think I've decided to go with the three steps to a super life that really corresponds to KT wanting me to incorporate the Super Bowl into this podcast. Because the truth of the matter is that we all have to understand what makes our life great. Does money make our life great? Do you make your money great? How does money in a relate with our life and you cannot have in my opinion, a super life until you really have a super you. And what I mean by that is this and I've said this so many times and maybe it's because I watched the William Shatner interview that I gave a few months ago that recently just aired on his show. I Do Not Understand, that you can find on YouTube or whatever. And I was talking to him about some of the things that I've always believed and I realize, oh I haven't talked about that very much lately on this podcast and as I've also said to you in the past, I don't want this podcast to just become a podcast about what to do with money is the market going up and down what's happening because really you can watch CNBC and figure that out for yourselves. You can go to a million other pundits that can maybe figure that out for you as well. But the goal of the Women & Money Podcast is to understand that who we are and what we have, financially speaking is one. And so, to really have a super life, you have to understand the role that money plays in that life. And as I said before, the role that you play in your money's life. But to really understand that you really have to get that you and your money are one. Money is the only thing in this world that is like a perfect reflection of who you are, it reflects back to you, your efforts, your desire to take care of things, how you treat things and how you really live your life. And when you can see money like that, then when you don't know what's going wrong with your money, it's easy enough to just figure out, oh, I have to look at what's going wrong with me. So, if you and your money are one and your money does not have the ability to do anything on its own without you right, money can't do anything on its own without you. So if your money isn't going right, then you have to understand something within you is not going right and so the three steps that I'm going to talk to you about now are the three steps that if you're just willing to use to go within you will see why you are doing without and even if you have money out there and you think you're doing great, this is still for you because as much money as you may have, you sure could have a whole lot more. I've always believed that there is incredible amounts of bountiful, beautiful energy and money that is just meant to come your way. So, one always has to figure out what are we doing to become obstacles in our own path to not only financial freedom, financial independence, but what are we doing in our lives to become obstacles in the path to living a super life. So maybe I should call this. The Three Obstacles to a Super Life. You know, maybe I'll stick with Three Steps to a Super Life, but we'll just have to figure that out at the end of this podcast. So, the first step to live a super life and remember a life is who you are and what you have your total life is to stand in your truth to stand in your truth. You know, I remember back when we were thinking about television shows that I was going to do with Oprah or the Money Class show that I did with Oprah on OWN. I wanted to have this light, this light that people would come on and we would talk and then I would bring them over to like this tube of light and they would have to stand under this light and they would have to tell the truth that they had never told before to stand in that truth. And that never quite happened. And then I remember on another show that I was doing there was a woman who was millions of dollars in debt and the only person that knew how much debt she was in besides herself was me and we were on tv and there we are. And for the first time in front of millions of people including her spouse. She was going to tell the truth of how much debt she had. And she was about to say it, she was about to break free. And then the producers shut everything down. Said no, don't make her do that, Suze. Don't make her do it. It's all right. We don't want to go that far with her. And right then and there they stopped this woman from probably taking the first step. That would have allowed her to stand in her truth. Because if you don't stand in your truth then where are you standing? You are standing in a lie. There’re no white lies. Little lies. It's either the truth or it is not the truth. And if it's not the truth, it is a lie in my opinion. So, I'm asking all of you to really, as I'm going through this podcast with you to use it as a way to uncover what are the truths that you're not standing in? What are the things, the words, the feelings that you have inside yourself that you wish more than anything you could say or you can do that you could act upon because we're all so well trained to always have a smile on our face to answer a question. How are you doing? Oh, I'm doing fine. When the fact of the matter is, you're not doing fine, you are miserable. But God forbid you should show the truth or tell the truth to anybody. How much credit card debt do you have? Who me? Uh, and the truth of the matter is you don't even know how much credit card debt you have because you don't have the courage to add up all the debt because you don't even open up your bills anymore. So, the truthful answer is I don't know how much debt I have because it's too much for me to even count. I don't want to deal with it. But that's not what we do. People don't see the debt that we have. They see the things that you show them things that portray wealth that portray money that you know, your fancy cars, you're um, that you're leasing rather than buying outright your clothes and your watches and your newest iPhone and things like that all show money. But there may not be any money behind those things. There may just be debt. So again, look around at all these things that you may have around you that you spent money on. But the fact of the matter is you have more debt than those things even cost and maybe you have more debt than those things cost because of the interest rates that you're paying on all those cards and the minimum payments that you make, because the truth of the matter is you can't afford any more than that. So, until you are willing to stand in your truth then you are never going to live a super life. I promise you that so many of you are in relationships and the only reason you stay is because of money. So many of you do things in life that you don't want to do because you're so afraid and the truth of the matter is you just don't have the courage to try something new. I mean, there are a million examples that I could give you as to how maybe you don't stand in the truth, but that's not my job. My job is to get you to inspire you to want to sit down, even stop this podcast right here and right now and write down every possible way that you do not stand in your truth and after you have done that right across from where you wrote that down, you need to figure out what can you do to correct that? What can you do to correct that? You know, if somebody says to you, how are you doing? How are you doing financially? Rather than saying I'm good, you can say I'm horrible. I'm up to my eyes in debt or whatever it may be and it's not even how you share that truth with others. More importantly, it's how you share that truth with yourself. And what action are you going to take to turn whatever you're doing, where you are not standing in your truth, what are you going to do to turn that lie into the truth of who you want to be, what you want to be, what you want to be doing, how you want to be living your life, who you want in your life, who you don't want in your life. What are you going to tell your kids all of that? And there's no time to waste on this? Everybody, there is no time to waste because every day that you live not standing in your truth, then destruction financially emotionally, psychologically in every possible way is being created. Now, that may sound dramatic to you, but it's not because little things when left to fester, they grow and they can grow and become really, really destructive and you don't have time for that. Nor should you want to waste any time for you to really take one small step to live a super life. Second step I am asking all of you to trust yourself more than you trust others. When you trust yourself with every possible thing that comes your way. Then you value who you are. You value the essence of your being because you trust your own being. You're not always saying to people or what do you think? How do you feel, what do you think I should do when really You know inside you know inside. And I'm not talking about things such as should I take money out of a Roth? Should I not? All right? Maybe you don't know about those things but that's why you come to the Women & Money Podcast. I'm talking about other things in life. Somebody says something to you, and you don't trust what they're saying. You know, somebody tells you I think you should do this, and it doesn't feel right to you. You have got to learn to value yourself more than anything. And the way that you value yourself is you trust yourself more than you trust others. How many times have I been in a relationship? I'm not talking about KT, but have I been in a relationship with the person that I supposedly loved? Actually, I didn't know love before KT, but that's all right. You know? But I thought I loved, and I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And this person would say something to me. And I knew they were lying and I knew it and they would lie to me but make it like I was the one who was crazy that it wasn't like I was thinking but I always trusted what I felt more than the words that came out of anybody else's mouth. Always. Because if you have that little gut feeling in you that you're not trusting them you better listen to it because energy is something that goes around. Have you ever noticed that you think about somebody and all of a sudden they call you or you're sending an email to a friend that you haven't emailed in a while and an email from them pops up on your screen and we all think well that's a special talent that I have. I have ESP. No, it's energy when somebody puts out energy that's silent you pick it up whether you know it or not let me think about it. How do you watch all these people that are in China right now performing in your own home on television? It's an energy transfer. And so energy is invisible and you can feel it it's like the wind it's there even though you can't see it and there is no proof that it really is there except how it affects the trees and the water and everything else you're here how it blows. I hate when the wind blows my hair, especially if I have somewhere to go. That's another point. But you've got to learn to trust yourself more than you trust others. Because what happens is when you trust others more than yourself and then you find out that the truth of the matter is, they were lying to you. They were not telling you the truth. It hurts so much. I can't even tell you. Now It will always hurt when you find out that somebody has been lying to you. But if you knew it and you said to them like I do, you can tell me anything you want. I do not believe what you're telling me. And if that means you want to leave me if that means that we're gonna do whatever fine. But I do not believe you. I do not trust you and you have the courage to stand in your truth and say those words to somebody now you have come together as a whole being. Because now your life Is really like one because you're standing in your truth and you're saying your truth and you know that you are the truth. Because when you feel something you feel something it's true. It's true and you can't negate that. So, this also comes to play when people tell you I want you to make this investment, I want you to do this. But yet it doesn't feel right. But because you think you don't know anything about money that when some financial person tells you to do something, you go okay, I trust them. And then you spend years trusting them to take care of your money and you never look after it. And then all of a sudden you find out half your money is gone. And you wanted to trust somebody else more than you trusted yourself. Because it was easier. It's not always easy to trust yourself. It's hard, it's hard to keep faith in who you are. It's hard because everybody else tries to get you to doubt yourself, doubt your decisions, doubt your actions, doubt your thoughts. That when you stand in the truth and you trust yourself more than you trust. Others doubt is not there. Self-worth is there you are valuing who you are and when you value who you are, I got news for you. The world values who you are. The world values you as well. So, to live a truly super life where your life and your money are what you want, what you need, what you deserve. Ah I have to tell you the happiness, the strength, the security, and the safety that you will feel at all times is priceless. Last, but not least I am asking you to never ever settle to never ever settle. And so many times I see people in so many ways settling like they want to do something, but maybe it'll be a little bit harder or more complicated if they do it fully. So, they settle for doing it a little bit less. You know, I've come to know that a truth that I've always lived in is that the success of any project is directly related to the energy that you put into it. So, when you find yourself saying the words oh this is okay, I'll leave it now. Okay is never enough. Okay is settling. So, when you're asking yourself the question, how are you doing today Suze? And if I say okay, I'm doing okay. And even though that may be my truth for right then and there I need to understand why am I settling for just being okay? What can I do to turn this okay into a great and the great doesn't have to come right here and today, that great can come in a week from now, three weeks from now? But what am I doing? What energy am I putting into my life or the project of my life of me being great. What energy am I putting into that for me to be making okay from good to great. Because when we live a great life, we live a super life and a great life doesn't mean oh you have all these things around you. A great life, a truly super life is a life where you are standing in your truth where you are always trusting yourself more than you trust others and you never ever settle. You never settle. You never settle for you make a bed and you look at your bed and it's a little wrinkled on one side. It's okay. No, you're settling. And you may think to yourself, oh, Suze, please. You've gone a little bit off the charts in this podcast. Haven't you known? I've been off the charts for years. But really, it's not about the bed. It's about your attitude and your attitude. That it's okay to have a wrinkle. It's not it's not okay to settle. Especially if you have noticed that something isn't quite right. Perfection, perfection is really part of a super life. And everything that you do. Everything that you do should be done with the utmost of perfection. And you should not settle. So that means you shouldn't settle for a relationship that you may be in and you're not happy with. And maybe you're only staying there because you're afraid of money. You're not standing in your truth. You are not trusting yourself more than you trust others because you think you need somebody other than you to be okay financially. And you are seriously settling. Why would you do that to yourself? Why you don't have to. You don't have to ever live a life. That's a life that isn't super. That isn't perfect. So that's what this podcast is about, and I understand very well that in a few hours from now. There will be two teams that will be battling to be Super Bowl champions. I want this to be the day today or whenever you are listening to this podcast. I want today to be the day that you become your own champion in your own life, in your own very special super life. See you on Thursday everybody. Until then, remember to be safe, strong, secure. And I wish all of you a happy super Valentine's day tomorrow. Bye bye.

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