Suze Orman's New Rules of Retirement

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August 01, 2018

Personal finance expert Suze Orman has been dispensing tough-love guidance for years to people seeking financial security, so AARP asked the high-energy money guru to share some of her best planning advice with you. Her new rules for downsizing, spending wisely and delaying Social Security benefits are designed to help you in any form or stage of retirement.

IN THREE YEARS, I will be 70.

It feels very odd writing that down, staring at the number 70. All the cues from the outside world insist that 70 is old. And not always something to feel good about.

Then I remind myself that we are defined by how we think, feel and act. Not by what others project onto us.

And I feel great. Yes, I am older, but all that means is that I have had the good grace to transition from young and fabulous to older and fabulous.

A few years ago, I ended my 14-year show on CNBC and scaled way back on my other work commitments. Let’s call it semiretirement.

Was I scared? ....

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