Suze Orman Ranks on Forbes Most Influential Celebrity List!

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March 16, 2013

Forbes magazine has released its list of most influential celebrities of 2013. Suze makes the top 10!

1. Oprah – 48%, Compassionate

2. Steven Spielberg – 47%; Interesting

3. Martin Scorsese – 42%; Dynamic

4. Ron Howard – 41%; Down To Earth

5. George Lucas – 41%; Trend-Setter

6. Mehmet Oz – 40%; Good Energy

7. Barbara Walters – 37%; Classy

8. Bono – 37%; Activist

9. Suze Orman – 37%; Good Energy

10. Clint Eastwood – 36%; Unique

The rankings are determined by E-Poll Research’s E-Score Celebrity. Their poll ranks 46 “personality attributes” to determine the influence of 7,500 celebrities. According to Forbes, the average celebrity got an 11% ranking...Read more at the following online resources:

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