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June 06, 2021

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As we start Pride Month, 2021 and celebrate Suze's 70th Birthday, she shares why it’s so important to have pride in yourself and again, why standing in your truth will make you stronger.

Podcast Transcript:

June 6, 2021. Yes. I know you didn't hear KT's voice, did you there? But let me tell you why. I'm actually recording this on June 4th 2021, one day before my birthday. And if you remember just a few days ago, KT said, oh, on Sunday, we will tell you what we did on Suze's birthday. And there's really only one thing, really, one thing that I want to do on my birthday and that's just be with KT. And what's so strange about that is that KT and I worked together, we live together, we spend almost 24 hours a day together. But I feel like we're always doing something. We're always on, you know, email or messages or this phone call or that phone call or whatever it may be. And I never get to be just with KT. So I'm surprising KT for my birthday. And very first thing tomorrow morning, we're going to go down and get on the plane and go back to Florida and nobody knows that we're going back there and we're going to be able to go to our little condo and just be alone. And even though I love being on the island so much I can't tell you, but everybody knows it's my birthday. So everybody is going to come by and say happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday. And while I appreciate that. And I love that. And I love the emails and all of that. I just want for my birthday present to myself to just be with KT alone.So that's why I'm doing this podcast by myself because she doesn't even have a clue what's going to happen. Now, before I even go into this podcast, there's a few things that I do want to say. Did you notice the beginning or the change of this podcast? Did you notice that it went from welcome to women and money and the men smart enough to listen, to welcome to women and money and everyone who is smart enough to listen. Did you notice that change anybody? You should listen to it at the very beginning of today's podcast? Because we did, we made a change. And the reason that we made a change is this is Pride month. And I started to think about how it's really important, at least to me that this podcast be inclusive to everybody. Because money does not have a race, it does not have a sex, it does not have a religion, it doesn't have anything. It's for every single person out there. And I realized that I was being so limiting by saying women and money podcast and the men smart enough to listen because there are many out there that identify as what's known as non-binary and I want them to feel included as well. So I changed it from the men smart enough to listen to everyone who's smart enough to listen. And I hope all of you who know and can feel really what I'm talking about are appreciative that at least I'm understanding why I need to be inclusive rather than exclusive. So that was one change that was made. But I want to talk about Pride. And even though like I said, this is Pride month, it's a month that's really important to me because I am a lesbian and I've been a lesbian my entire life.And what has gotten me through with such incredible success in terms of being a lesbian is I have always from day one been proud that I am a lesbian. I stood in my truth even when I was 13 or 14 years of age, I don't know what made me stand in my truth, but I did. And I recognized very early on who I was and who I was was not defined by what I did. It wasn't even defined by who I loved. It was defined by my own definition of my own sexuality of myself, which I realized at a very young age because I stood in the truth and I was so proud of who I was and who I am to this day. I always told everybody about it.I'll never forget when I was doing my first book deal. And I know I've said this to you before, but we have so many tens and tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of new listeners that I want to make sure that they know this story because whether they are part of the, you know, LGBTQ+ community or they have children or whatever, it may be. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, anybody friends, they need to understand the importance of pride. They need to understand how being proud of who you are really plays into the ultimate success on all levels of everyone. So, the story was, I'll never forget that when I got my first huge book contract from Crown Publishing that I went in there and I said to Chip Gibson, you're going to pay me a lot of money to write a book. However, I just want you to know that I'm a lesbian. And if anybody asks me when I'm being interviewed or whatever, I am going to tell them. And he said to me, tell me something we don't know.From that moment on, I told everyone. Everyone that I was going to do a contract with whether it was CNBC or Safeway at the time or General Electric or whatever major corporation TD Ameritrade whatever corporation I was doing to deal with. The very first thing that I told them was that I was a lesbian and if that bothered them. Let's not do the deal right now. Even when I was hired for Merrill Lynch, everyone knew that I was a lesbian.And there was something about me having that pride within myself that opened up every single door that really if you think about it way back then should have been shut. So it's important to have pride. It's important to have pride in who you are. It's important to know who you are and I have to tell you, it is seriously important in my opinion to tell the world who you are because if you can't, if you can't tell anybody, then you are dwelling and fear. And what is the one main internal obstacle to wealth? It is fear and the only way that you can conquer fear is through action. So this podcast today is about all of us, no matter what our sexuality, the question is, are you proud of who you are? Are you proud of the relationship that you're in? Are you proud that you're not in a relationship? Are you just proud? And if you're not, then one has to ask the question, why not? What is it in your life that you are not proud of? Because of that, that is what we have to change. I tell you this because I also really want you as a birthday gift to me. You want to give me a gift. Let me tell you what you can give me. You can tune in on NBC on the Hoda and Jenna show on June 8th at 10 a.m. And you can listen and partake in the gift that is going to be given away that day to all of you because I really believe from the bottom of my heart, that gift, that one gift really can change your life so that you can stand in the truth. You can be proud of who you are and you then can go on to be as successful as you are meant to be. So can you do that for me? You all right me thousands of emails, how much I've done for you and blah, blah, blah and all those things. And again, I'm appreciative of that, but I would be really grateful for those of you who still feel stuck for those of you who aren't proud of who you are on any level or you have things, especially when it comes to money that you need to deal with. Can you just do that on June 8th?So this is a very interesting month. This is a great month. This is a month where we need to look at one another and accept one another for whoever we are, whatever we are, wherever we want to be and whatever we want to do. It is important that this month that we share the pride of acceptance not only of ourselves, but of others as well, because with that pride comes strength and with strength comes power and with power, the number one law of money kicks in, which is power attracts money and powerlessness repels it. So this is a seriously important month, not just for the pride community, but for every single one of us, every one of us. So that's the podcast today, that's the podcast. And while I know that many of you really want to hear about the market and what to buy in real estate and all of those things, I told all of you a long time ago that I was not just going to have a podcast about what to do with money. This was a podcast as to what to do with your whole self. Money is just a part of yourself and money cannot do anything on its own. So until you own your own power, until you are proud of who you are, until you can find your own voice and speak the truth stand in the truth show others the truth, money will be meaningless and money will never fill you up and it will come and it will go. So, as I said a few minutes ago, that's the podcast. Thank you all in advance for your birthday wishes. My birthday wish honestly and I do have one for myself. Is that sooner than later that my body is back to 100% of what it was always meant to be. And that's still very hard for me everybody. It's still hard and even though I can be on tv again and I can do certain things, it is not with ease. So for all of those of you out there who are struggling health wise and that it's not as easy as you wished it would be. Know that I send my love to all of you and may my birthday wish for myself be a birthday wish for all. So until next Thursday, may that wish come true.

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