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Relationships, Women And Money

November 08, 2020

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In this podcast, Suze talks about how we should be united with all aspects of our lives.  Are we united with our money, our health and with the people with whom we’re in relationships?

Podcast Transcript:

November 8th 2020. Well, yesterday was quite the day, wasn't it? It was the day that Joseph Biden was named to be the next president of the United States of America. But even more exciting, at least in my opinion, is that for the first time ever in the history of the United States, a woman, Kamala Harris, has been named as the vice president elect of the United States. And as I'm sure most of you can imagine, that I'm happy about that because I am a Democrat and I don't mind telling all of you that. But I have to tell you I am so very, very sad, and I've been sad for a while, and I'm sad because this entire country is so divided on where they stand. Million's and million's and million's of people are happy that yesterday happened, and million's and million's and million's of people are equally totally angry and sad that yesterday happened and we have become the United States of America, that we are not united on anything anymore. People hate one another. People don't like one another. People wanna injure one another, Whatever it may be, that's what we have right now. And it's going to take a lot to bring us all back together as one, if that's even possible today. But this isn't a podcast that's about politics. This is a podcast about you and your money, and I have said forever that you and your money have got to be one and in fact, that they are one, so you cannot be divided on where you stand. When it comes to yourself and your money, you have got to be united because if you are not one with who you are and what you have, I'm here to tell you that you will never have the money that you want in your life. You will never have the money that you need in your life. You will never, ever be able to live the life that you deserve to live. A life that's happy. A life where you're not afraid. A life where you're not angry. A life where you're not freaked if you lose your job. A life where you're united with yourself with who you are and what you have. But I'm finding out that that's not how you're living your life. You are not united with who you are and many of you are living a life where you're not happy where you're not making the right decisions where you're doing things that will keep you from being more and having more You know, Recently I've been reading again almost every single email that comes in with your questions. Not that I can answer them all, but at least I'm reading them all. Am what's been bothering me a lot lately? It's how many emails again I am getting from kids not from the parents, but from kids, elderly kids, kids that are like 40 45 in their elderly, meaning that they're not 10 years old, 20 years old. But they're old enough to really be considered a true adult. And they're writing me. I need you to help me. I don't know what to do. I'm watching my mother be so miserable. She lives with my father and he's totally abusive to her. It's I can see that she's not happy, and I don't know what to do about it. I really want her to just come and live with me or do something, but it just I just can't stand watching her. She's only like 60 years of age, but yet she feels that she can not leave, that she doesn't have the money to leave. That's a situation where Mom are the spouse or whomever is not united with herself. So many of you are pointing out to me that you are stuck in situations that you can't leave because you don't have the money to leave or you don't know if you left how you would make it and you're just totally afraid for many, many reasons. I am asking you if you're in that situation, or in fact, if you are in any situation where you are afraid to do something because of lack of money, that money or what's gonna happen to you is paralyzing you. I ask you to become united with your money. I am asking you to put yourself first listen, money can always come and go, but happiness is a whole other thing. And as I've been getting older because in my next birthday I will be 70. And as I get older, I swear I have to tell you this that money is great. I'll be the first one to say that, right? But there's nothing more important than number one, your health and number two that every second that you spend, you spend it doing something and with somebody that you love with somebody who makes you feel more than less than somebody who is united with your intention off living a great life in ethical life and Integris life. And so many of you are putting yourself in a situation where you are divided on what you should do divided in your own happiness. Because you're putting money in one boat, you're putting your life in another boat. And as those boats get further apart, you're gonna find yourself in trouble. So I want to take today's podcast and I want to make the theme of it united. We stand not divided. We stand but united. We stand in our own lives, our own lives with who we are and what we have. So I ask all of you just to take a few minutes right here and right now. And to write down literally take out, uh, pencil or a pen and a piece of paper, and you can stop this podcast. You can pause it for a second after this. And can you just write down all the ways that you are united in your life in your life, meaning who you are and what you have? Are you united in how you feel about yourself and how you spend money? Are you united and how other people see you? Do they see you with somebody who has a whole lot of money and you're doing great? And the truth is you don't have a pot to pee in, but they don't know it. Are you standing in your truth, or are you standing in a world of division where what people think about you isn't true? What you show the world in your family isn't true. Are you united in the truth of who you are and what you have? It's a simple really yes or no question. But if you write that down in the ways that you are united and the ways that you are divided, I want you to just take time and look at that. And then what I want you to do is take the time to ask yourself the question. What can you do to become united in every aspect of your life? The most important aspect of your life everybody, is the person that you are in relationship with. If you're not in a relationship and you're by yourself, then the most important thing in your life is the relationship that you have with you since you and your money are one. Since you're the one who goes out and earns it, saves it, spends it, invests it, then you and your money are one. Do you have a good relationship with yourself and your money? Do you? Are you united with that? But if you happen to be in relationship with another person, are you united in being happy with who you are and what you have and how you feel about that relationship? I started today's podcast with how million's and million's of people today are absolutely divided. They don't like one another they're angry at one another. But then I read all the emails that you write or your children write to me, and it's no different. You are absolutely many of you divided in your relationship with the person that you happen to be living with. That isn't what you want for yourself. You have to find a way that you could become united with who you are, and there are always ways to make that happen. Also, many of you are absolutely divided with where you are working. You hate that job. You don't wanna leave. You can't leave, your afraid that you're not going to get another job and you are divided as to what you should do. No, this is the time in your life that you have got to be united. And if you cannot change where you are working, then change how you feel about where you are working. But you have got to be united as one in the truth and to be happy in life. Because if you are divided between happiness and unhappiness, if you aren't happy all the time, and can you just tell me what is it all about? Nothing is more important where every single second that you spend from this day forward is one that you love. And if you're not loving it, then you are divided in who you are and what you have. And to be united as one, you have to probably make changes. And I understand very well that you may be afraid to make the changes that are standing in front of you that you think you need to make. And so, therefore, you just don't make them. Your inability to make decisions. Your inability to take actions, your ability to simply stand in the fear and be afraid of what you need to do is keeping you divided with who you are. I know many of you may be new to the women and money podcast, and you may be thinking to yourself, I thought this is a podcast about money and what Suze talking about? I'm talking about the most important, precious and priceless thing I could ever talk about in my life. I am talking about you being united with who you are and standing in your truth to always be somebody who loves their life, likes their life and it's simply happy. As many of you do know, this last year has been a little bit rough on me in terms of my health. And I know I say I'm never gonna talk about again. Here I am talking about it and what is getting me through this time because it's still I have to tell you, it's still rough for me everybody I'm not gonna lie to you on. I'm having not a good time with my left arm on any level. And I'm in this constant pain that is not an easy pain. It is an intense pain. But what's getting me through it is that I'm so happy just simply being me. I am so united with my relationship with KT, as you can hear every Thursday on, asked Suze anything because now it should be asked Suze and KT anything. But I am so united with me being one in what I believe in and what I do and where I stand that that faith, that ability to be just one with myself can get me through these days until my arm doesn't hurt anymore, and I don't know if that's gonna be months or years or days. I don't know how long it's going to take, but I know I have what it takes to make it through because I am united with myself. I am not divided on how I feel about things, so this podcast means a lot to me. The whole women and money podcast means a lot to me, but this one in particular, because again, I know today we are finding this world and many of the people that you're going to come in contact with, totally divided about how they feel about what happened yesterday. All I'm asking of you is don't let other people's opinions or how they feel or their anger get to you or divide you. You need to just stand in your truth, stay united with who you are and take the actions today to make sure that you and your money are one. Because as time goes on here, you are going to realize that now that the election is over and things they're going to go up and down, and who knows what kind of decisions are going to be made that you are going to have to take certain actions with your money because the economy still is going to make it so that you're gonna have to know what you need to do with money, and you can't postpone that anymore. But next week, in the weeks after, we'll talk more about that. But today's podcast is really very simple. It's a loving one and so podcast that simply asking all of you to be united with where you stand and what you stand for in your own life with who you are and what you have. Talk to you on Thursday. Bye bye.

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