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Recipient of the Books for a Better Life award and a #1 New York Times Bestseller! Suze Orman has helped millions of Americans change the course of their financial destiny and prosper in every way in this perennial bestseller. Now, Suze has revised and updated this million-copy bestselling work to further inspire readers to find the courage to start over in changing times and realize their true potential for material and spiritual wealth—even in today’s challenging economic climate.

Now available in trade paperback for the first time, this edition goes beyond Suze’s earlier work in outlining a life-changing process for manifesting abundance and brings her revolutionary ideas of combining the spiritual and the financial up to date. With honesty, empathy, and a dazzling knowledge of how the world of money works, the country’s most trusted financial expert motivates readers to summon the courage to cope with tragedy—whether it’s personal or global—along with its economic aftermath. Rich in spirit, The Courage to Be Rich also reveals how a sagging economy may influence the money readers have—and have yet to make—and what they need to do to safeguard their financial future without sacrificing their generosity.

In The Courage to Be Rich, Suze urges readers to live beyond the bottom line by passing money through their hearts and hands out into the world, to make it a better place. She demonstrates how every action taken is an offering to the world that repays in kind, and how charity has the power to enhance every life. Best of all, she explains how to determine when one is giving too much and when one is giving too little.

Combining practical strategies, personal exercises, compelling case studies, and her trademark provocative insights, Suze guides readers through the financial rites of passage, detailing how to:

  • Find the courage to endure financial setbacks and overcome feelings of shame, fear, or anger about money
  • Keep money safe in a weak economy
  • Speak the language of wealth rather than the language of poverty
  • Break debilitating patterns that keep you from having more and being more
  • Protect your life against the financial "what-ifs"
  • Start over from nothing
  • Use your home to secure your retirement years
  • Prepare safely and wisely for the future
  • Bring together the laws of wealth with the laws of life

For Suze, The Courage to Be Rich means valuing people over money and money over things. It means having all that you love and loving all that you have. It means turning toward your money and turning some of your money toward others. Ultimately, it means taking the courageous steps necessary to attain your material and spiritual wealth.

Practical, spiritual and above all soundly financial, The Courage to Be Rich addresses the rites of passage we all must face - marriage, divorce, death, spending (and overspending), and taking control of our financial tomorrow's today. The Courage to Be Rich shows you how to find the clarity, conviction and courage to meet the obstacles and opportunities of a lifetime.

“...a mixture of basic psychology, practical advice and information on mortgages, trusts, wills, I.R.A.s, insurance, how to proceed after a divorce or the death of spouse...Unlike some books specifically aimed at women, Orman's books don't pit women and men against each other...Orman takes the high road here.”

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